Anti Narcoleptic Generic vs Brand drug

As other categories of medicines, original anti narcoleptic drugs also have their generics. This name means reproduced drug, duration of patent protection for which has already expired. Accordingly to these peculiarities, generic is not the exclusive and real property of the pharmaceutical company that developed and owned of the first license for its sale.

brand vs generic modafinil

Generics of anti narcoleptic drugs are to be produced, applying the similar technology, using the same source material as the in the production of brands. Usually, generics are to be made after the expiration of the patent of the original, but in some countries, including India, they are manufactured even before the end of the term of a patent’s expiry date. The original drug may have up to some hundred generics.

As for Modafinil, this preparation, as most drugs on the pharmaceutical market, has many generics. The most popular among them are Modavigil, Provigil, Modapro and others drugs.

Generics have the same medicinal properties and peculiarities as they contain the same basic components and ingredients as the brand preparations. Pharmacists recognized the safety of generics. There are no objective reasons for fear: the generic contains the same active drug substance (modafinil) as the original (patented) product. But generics may differ from the brand drugs by inactive ingredients, substances, fillers, preservatives, dyes, etc.

But accompanying impurities and substances do not effect negatively on the process of treatment of narcolepsy, on the contrary, they influence positively on organism and reduce symptoms of this serious disease. Differences between generics and brands may also occur in the technological process of generics production (for example, in the mechanism of tablets’ compression). In addition, generics do not differ from the brand preparations in regard to the efficacy and safety, and they are manufactured in strict compliance with established regulations and standards.

The main advantage of generics is lower price, that the cost of brand preparation. It is explained by sharp competition, and (usually) by a great experience using the product in practice. Generics of Modafinil are much cheaper than originals and innovative drugs because their manufacturers do not bear capital cost to develop, research and advertising of new medicines.

So, companies and firms, that produce generics of anti narcoleptic drugs, do not bear the unnecessary costs, connected with new developments and clinical researches. Their task is to create a technology of production of a drug, which was released from patent protection. In other words, these companies should to repeat an algorithm of production, developed before by the companies.

This fact explain more affordable price of generics for the consumer. In addition, strong and regular competition from other generic companies also contributes to the establishment of low prices on generics of anti narcoleptic preparations.

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