Did I get Modafinil !!

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

So I got some Modafinil pills and I have a strange feeling.
I have tried Modafinil a while before and it used to make my urine smells weird (Not normal).
Anyway, the last pills I got are not doing this at all !! my urine smells normal.
Yesterday, I waked up at 6 am in the morning. Took 2 pills (400 mg) and got back to sleep hoping they will wake me up and I was surprised that they didn’t !! I kept sleeping till 11 am but that night I didn’t sleep well at all. I slept at around 3 am and woke up at 6 in the morning, took Modafinil in hope to force myself on waking up.
I also could sleep on Modafinil the other day after 5 hours of taking the pill. I took it around 10 am and could fall asleep at 3 pm !!
Do you think that Modafinil will not work when you have a sleep debt or when you are not sleeping enough hours during the night??
One more thing, I have recently smoked some weed and used a psychedelic drug (LSD). I have a fo ggy brain feeling now, do you think this is why I am not feeling the positive effect of Modafinil ??
Usually when I take Modafinil my tongue starts acting like a rocket and words come out of my mouth in a way which amazes me. Now this is not happening :(( and I have started to think that the pills are fake.
I have uploaded a pic of the pills so that you take a look as well.
modvigil tablets
Will be waiting to hear back from you guys …