Explanation of how tolerance ACTUALLY works?

Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsExplanation of how tolerance ACTUALLY works?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Just about to start on afinils, and I wanted some information about tolerance.
Put simply, does tolerance work, over time, nearly equivalently to the strength of the drug, just in the opposite direction, or does it work to some lower degree?
So, say one pill puts me at a “10” from “0” (arbitrary scale, 10 is not necessarily the farthest I could go), and I just keep taking that one pill regularly enough to produce tolerance (daily, say).
Will I eventually settle back to a zero for that amount (and maybe creep into the negatives without it)?
Or will I settle on something less, but still in between (approximately a “3”? a “5”? a “7”?)? And in this case, do I have the negatives without it?
I get the idea that if you get a GREAT effect from something, you will always know that’s possible, and you might be inclined to keep chasing that level of function. But obviously that’s not worth the cost.
I could see myself wanting that, same as anyone. You want to be your best. But I’m trying to go in with my eyes open, and accept that if it works great, I’m going to moderate my use and, if necessary, accept something less than the max effect on a daily basis. But some guidance on where the equilibrium point typically is for a given amount would be really useful.