First time using Modafinil – No effect

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I took 100mg of Modafinil at 8:50AM this morning on an empty stomach. Drank half a pint of water to help it down. Then I ate some noodles at around 09:15AM. It’s now 09:57AM and I feel absolutely nothing. I have a slight headache but absolutely nothing else. I bought it from which I’ve heard good reviews from so I doubt they’re fakes. But I’m just not sure. What should I be feeling? And when?
I’ve had a mild headache all day towards the front of my head. I’ve drank around 6 pints of water and 4 cups of coffee, so I doubt its’s dehydration.
UPDATE: It’s now 10:29AM and I still feel absolutely nothing. Should I take more?
UPDATE2: Taken another 100mg at 12:15, lets see how it goes.
UPDATE3: It’s now 13:50, still nothing. Can’t seem to focus well on my work.