Massive brain fog / mild depression Every Tuesday

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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Tuesdays are my worst day of the week and I’d like to find out why.
I keep to a fairly strict diet and exercise regime. Monday – Friday is high protein (150-180g/day) mild fat (20g/day) and ultra low carb (less than 10g/day). I lift 4-6 days a week.
Saturday night is my cheat meal. I’ll go out somewhere and have a nice long dinner. It’s not anything crazy like The Rocks cheats but I’ll have ~2,000 calories worth of delicious carby and fatty foods and 3-6 drinks.
Sunday I feel fine. I’ll eat pretty normal but I’m not as strict on calories as I am Monday – Friday.
Daily, I take Vitamin D3, a probiotic, zinc, mag, 100mg caffeine and 6g kratom (in 2g doses). Once a week I’ll take a gram of phenibut (makes me really enjoy conversation but I’m not productive on it).
Monday I am back at it again and generally feel good. Wed-Friday I feel GREAT.
But Tuesday.
Fucking Tuesday.
I love what I do. I am eager to get into the offi ce. But Tuesdays I always consider just staying home. When I drag myself to the office I always consider leaving early. I avoid scheduling important meetings that day because I know I won’t be my normal enthusiastic self.
I am slow. Irritable. Low energy. Mopey. And my brain is all fogged over. I’m just not me.
I think it only started this year and I can’t think of what has changed to cause it. If it had to do with my Saturday meal I’d expect the effect on Sunday or maybe Monday. I’m sure Kratom will be the first suspect but I’ve never heard of consistent once-a-week crashes before. And I keep my dosing in check.
I’ve tried tianeptine, 5-htp, Semax and Modafinil on Tuesdays but they don’t help.
Anyone have any suggestions?