Modafinil being prescribed

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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hi Guys, I have been taking 100MG caffeine + 200MG l-theanine for the past 15 days, and I have been super productive. I take it four times a week. I haven’t had any improvement on memory, but I can get things done. Today my doctor prescribed me Modafinil 200MG. Do you guys have any advice for me? I plan to take it 6Am in the morning 20 minutes breakfast. Should I start with 50MG or that would not do anything? I am non-alcoholic, non-coffee drinker who just started the caffeine pill. I haven’t’ also done any drugs in the past. I wonder if 50 MG would work on me. I want to do 50MG 75MG and 100mg then taper it down to 75 50 0 and so forth