Modalert, subtle or placebo?

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I recently brought some Modalert online after a suggestion from a friend. Since I was 16 I have felt more and more drained daily. This has affected my attention span, focus and overall work ethic. I have tried to get an official diagnosis, but doctors are still writing it off as a phase of puberty 2 years later.
I took my first dose of 100mg at 11:30 on Sunday. I didn’t really feel anything for about an hour and a half until I lay on my bed. Once on my bed I realised how awake I was. I felt uncomfortable lying there, as if I wanted to be productive. Though I got my work done and I was in a good mood all day, I wouldn’t really describe any sort of buzz or high. This made me worry that I’m merely experiencing a placebo effect.
The second day I woke up and took a full 200mg at 6:30 before class. The day was pretty good and I worked all day, even through lunch. School finished at 4 and I got home and worked from 5 until 12.
Though both experiences have be en good, I am still worried I might be experiencing some sort of placebo as I don’t really feel anything. Could it simply be that the transition from my normal state is very gentle and therefore hard to experience a difference?
Whilst I’ve heard of people getting anxious or snappy from Modafinil, to my surprise none of this has seemed to take place yet. One possible side effect I noted was a complete loss of appetite. The second day I didn’t eat lunch or dinner.
I have a lot more pills left so I’m going to stick with it, but does this sound right to you guys? Thanks.