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Howard White asked 5 years ago

I had the chance to be able to review a sample of Modalert (Modafinil) from a new vendor called “ModaFAST” and this is my honest review. People can check my previous messages on Reddit, I have done other reviews in the past for other vendors.
The sample was 50 tabs of Modalert 200. It’s the generic brand for Modvigil, commonly known as Modafinil and 200mg is the standard dose. You can check a picture of what I received:
The shipping was quite fast but I requested Express delivery. It took 10 days from India to France (including the weekend). The Modalert was very well packed in a large enveloppe, and the customs didn’t look at it. I usually request/pay for Express delivery since I’ve noticed that customs don’t check that kind of mail as much as the regular, at least it’s the case in France.
The vendor was very polite and fast to reply to my inquiries. That’s very important to me since this is “s omewhat” illegal, you always want to make sure you’re dealing with professional people and that was the case here.
I have dealt with other vendors in the past, such as ModUP, Modafinil/Armodafinilnow and Mod.X and ModaFAST seems to be just as good as them. Their Modalert is the same as the one I’ve tried from the other vendors.
If you have any questions, just ask. 🙂