The feasible overdose symptoms of Provigil medication

That relates to almost any medicine that if too much of this remedies has been obtained the chance is there that you might experience the symptoms of an overdose. Ordinarily an overdose is considered if you get far more than one thousand milligrams of this medicinal drugs at as soon as, as the usual dosage is around two hundred milligrams. By taking that much you can get some side effects.
An overdose can cause such common side effects as – large blood stress, chest pain, sleep problems, nervousness, some persons could possibly really feel perplexed. It is possible to get other side effects which are not talked about here, so you will will need to talk to a physician and acquire a total listing from him.
We recommend you ask for medical assistance as quickly as you suspect an overdose. Generally follow the directions given by a doctor and keep this medicine from reach from children.

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