What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a medicine, which has rather similar pharmacological effects to other Modafinil-based drugs however its actual efficiency, safety and other characteristics are thought to be controversial. Anyways, it’s still pretty popular among people who wish to get rid of excessive sleepiness and fatigue. You can find Adrafinil in many bathrooms of people who work night shifts or who have irregular working schedule. Below we’ll try to describe its characteristics that correspond to the facts.

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Originally some famous pharmaceutical company in France discovered the drug in the end of 20th century. Back then they already noticed that Adrafinil comparing to Modafinil has more weaknesses like more acute side effects. World Anti-Doping Agency added Adrafinil in the group of prohibited substances for use by athletes due to its stimulating effects. Unlike Modafinil it has never been approved by American Food and Drug Administration however it’s still not prohibited to acquire and possess the drug even without a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist. Basically it means that you are able to type in a google ‘buy adrafinil online’ or any other word combination like adrafinil online and see some tens of online pharmacies offering you to buy adrafinil right away with no need to leave your couch. Sometimes Adrafinil goes under its ex-trade name Olmifon, so you might want to use this word in your combination for search engines.

Analyzing plenty of customer reviews we couldn’t draw a definite conclusion because it has rather different impact on people of different physical and mental state. First of all, Adrafinil drug is cheaper than many similar medications used for the same purposes. A lot of people notice that they become more irritable. In most cases it’s able to keep you up during a day however there are no evidence of so-called creativity boom unlike Modafinil. So, in case if you just need something that will help you to make it through the day without falling asleep all of the time for not much money then Adrafinil will work out for you quite well but if you are looking for something more then I’d rather spend a bit more money and acquire something more efficient. Anyway, it’s not that expensive so you can buy Adrafinil online using any online pharmacy you like and try it yourself.

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