Be Aware About Narcolepsy Complications

Narcolepsy is a funny yet serious neurological sleep disorder. It is funny because it makes the sufferer to sleep at any given time in the bright day hours. On the other hand it is severely too as it could be life threatening if the sufferer fall asleep while driving a car or operating machinery or doing any other work that requires complete alertness. Narcolepsy is very well managed with drugs. You might have heard about Provigil nootropic drugs used in managing daytime drowsiness caused by narcolepsy. And this medication has proven as effective one in the treatment of this sleep issue.Though you can get treated for narcolepsy, but it has certain complications that you must know. These are as follows:

  • Relationship conflicts – Narcolepsy can abate your sexual desire to the extreme level and with low libido you may not be able to have a fulfilling intimate session with your partner. Furthermore it has a tendency to cause erectile inability in male sufferer. Some people fall asleep while making love. This certainly affects your intimate relation with your spouse.
  • Impact on academic and professional life – Narcolepsy means uncontrollable sleep pangs in the day hours. This makes others to judge you a lazy or lethargic student or professional. And this certainly has very negative impact on your performance in your academic or professional life.
  • Physical injuries – As mentioned above people with narcolepsy background may feel drowsy while driving a vehicle and this could result in unwanted situations like death. Thus consuming Provigil 200mg is very important to stay awake in the daytime.
  • Obesity The obesity – weight gain is commonly seen in people with narcolepsy. This develops due to binge eating, hormonal deficiency, laziness or a combination of these factors.

Apart from these snags, you may also feel depressed while dealing with this slumber issues. Keep taking Provigil drug and consult with your doctor too. Be Aware About Narcolepsy Complications in Narcolepsy.

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