Benefits Of Modafinil Generics Over Branded Provigil Pills

If you are doing research on modafinil generics you will definitely be interested in this revealing report exposing generics benefits over branded Provigil pills.
Hopefully already you understand what a generic drug is. A quick recap. Provigil is a brand name and the active drug is modafinil. So the drug is modafinil – that’s what effects you. Provigil is just the name on the box or pill bottle.
Generic modafinil is modafinil with a ‘no name’ brand. It’s always a lot cheaper and the pills look a little different but the active drug in it is modafinil. So it’s the same active drug which means it affects your body exactly the same.
Super Small Differences In Generic Modafinil Mean A Lot
There are a few little differences of generics that are much of a muchness. Eg. Provigil usually comes in a bottle with 30 pills but generic modafinil comes in blister tabs each one sealed itself – I like this because it is safer and more hygienic.
Also, modafinil generics are usually compressed with less fillers and binders, so the tabs are easier to digest. They dissolve easily if you want to take the tablet sublingually. Provigil pills are very hard with lots of fillers and binders and it feels like you swallowed a piece of steel.
Modafinil generics always have a score line so you can halve them. Provigil has this too.
How Generic Modafinil Could Save Your Life
But generic modafinil doesn’t have any imprint, name or tag on the pill. It’s just a white pill. Provigil has the words ‘provigil’ written on the pill. This is important because if someone finds it they will instantly know what you are taking if it’s a Provigil pill – and anyone can put this into google and see what you are on.
But with the generics they don’t know, so they have to ask you ‘what is this white pill’ and you can be all like ‘erm.. it’s an aspirin…’
This is also really REALLY important if you have the modafinil and you get caught by the police. You have plausible deniablitiy by saying ‘my friend gave it to me and told me it was an aspirin, I was going to take it for my headache’.
This will stand up in the charge/court because there was no way of you knowing. But if you have a Provigil branded pill it clearly says Provigil and you will get in way more trouble.

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