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The prescription medication Adrafinil is used to take away the symptoms of excessive sleepiness or tiredness in elderly people. This medication can also help increase attention to a task. This medicine can also be used to help a person’s mood and increase positive thoughts. It is considered to be an antidepressant. The medication helps stimulate the central nervous system to keep a person awake and alert. In addition to use by seniors this medicine can be used by people who need to stay awake for extended periods of time or have an overnight work.Adrafinil is classed under the category of drugs referred to as eugerocis. While using this medication a person’s normal sleep pattern if they have one is not interrupted. Unlike most medication Adrafinil does not have dangerous side effects. This product does not increase heart rate or increase blood pressure. It will not give a person the feeling of the jitters. A person will not “crash” as those medication that contain caffeine also do. Reported side effects may include a slight headache or stomach ache. This medicine does not work like most stimulates. This product stimulates the receptors that are in the brain. They release norepinephine which leads to mental alertness.
People that take this medicine report feeling more energetic and saw an increase in their cognitive ability and information processing. They also reported they were better able to concentrate on a given task. People that are normally quiet report opening up socially and become more open with others. This medication taking along with Vitamin D has been shown to help older men with erectile dysfunction. A healthy person may take one or two pills twice a day when they need to be alert. Like all supplements and medication be sure to tell a doctor before using this. 

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