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Modalert can be bought for an extremely cheap price or it can be very expensive, it depends on where you go. If you just start plastering in google searches your chances are pretty random of getting a good price.

Your options are to waste your time doing research and building annoying spreadsheets of how much different suppliers cost, but this is very boring and time consuming. If you just go with the first and best looking supplier though you can get seriously ripped off.

Usually some of the top results for modafinil and modalert and ‘buy modafinil’ and ‘buy modalert’ are for a website called Now I have nothing against these guys except that they aren’t the cheapest source on the net.

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SmartMODALERT is popular site on the internet because it shows up regularly in the google search engines. It has a slick looking design and is an interactive site that looks trustworthy. They quickly shunt you to the buy page where you have the choices of 3 options

To try a small amount for an exorbitant price to ‘just try it’

To take a larger amount for an expensive price under a ’3 to 4 month supply’

To buy a massive amount for a slightly better price ‘titled, I love Modafinil!

Seems reasonable enough, but lets check out another supplier online who sells a quality Modalert (MODAFINIL) product: (click here to go directly to this supplier)

  •   30 pills Modalert (Generic Provigil) * $3.17 per pill – $95
  • 60 pills Modalert (Generic Provigil) * $2 per pill – $120
  • 90 pills Modalert (Generic Provigil) * $1.77 per pill – $159
  • 120 pills Modalert (Generic Provigil) * $1.72 per pill -$206


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If you want to get the cheapest modalert and modafinil products online you need to be savvy. We’ve done all the research for you and can point you in the right direction. If you’d like to save time and hassle, simple go to the Buy Modalert Here page to see a list of reputable supliers listed in different categories of Cheapest, Fastest Delivery and Safest etc, if you simply want to go to the cheapest supplier of modafinil in the whole world.

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