Buy Modafinil Online Australia – How To Pass Customs In 3 Easy Steps

If you are looking to buy modafinil online to Australia you must read this revealing report on exactly how to pass customs! You don’t want to have your order seized. Read this now.Customs in Australia is notorious for being extremely hard to pass. This is especially true due to our unique flora and fauna that the Australian government wants to protect. Australia is also a totally sea locked nation which means everything you buy online must come in via ship or plane and can easily be scanned and checked by customs.It isn’t illegal to import or buy modafinil online to Australia. Under the Australian Customs Act, it is totally legal for individuals to import personal supplies of medications including prescription medications. Customs are not allowed to stop your order.Modafinil is not a controlled substance. This means customs are not especially on the lookout for it. Drug dogs are not trained to sniff for modafinil. This all works in your favour. Pretty much at the end of the day, the reason modafinil isn’t really on the watch list is because it is non-addictive and has no potential for abuse.

How Customs Checks Your Packages – And How To Get Past Them

Customs employs many techniques to check and scan packages. Scanners are their main weapon, but they also use dogs, detectors, scrape tests and even random checks. Some people say they can’t open your package without you being there – this is pretty much fluff. It is totally legal for them to open packages if they believe it contains contraband substances.In order to pass customs you need to implement a few tactics. These are easy to do but you need to supplier to do them, which means you have to be especially careful with the online supplier you use when buying modafinil into Australia. All the suppliers listed on theBuy Provigil Now page successfully past customs.

Get Modafinil Into Australia – Step 1

The first is the customs declaration. The supplier must declare to customs what is contained in the package. An unmarked package containing pills is very suspicious. A package containing pills that is marked with ‘nutritional product’ is less suspicious.Using my favourite supplier to ship modafinil to Australia, which you can go to by clicking here, they make a declaration that states the package contains a nutritional substance, it is safe and non-toxic, all import taxes have been paid, and there are official shipping stamps from the country of origin. Pretty much all the boxes are ticked and customs are not going to bother checking this. They don’t want to waste their time opening box after box of multi-vitamins; they’ve got firearms and ecstasy to find!

Get Modafinil Into Australia – Step 2

The second thing is the packaging. Discreet shipping methods are good, but really what you want is to hack the custom officer’s brain. It’s the guy that’s looking at your package that counts. Customs officers are allowed to open the packages if they are led to believe it contains a controlled substance, but if it doesn’t they have to put the package back together the way they found it or else this is considered tampering. So by using elaborate packing, cardboard, bubble wrap etc. (which all helps to protect your modafinil anyway) there is a higher chance the customs officer will think ‘oh screw it, I can’t be bothered’. This works hand in hand with the outright declaration about. This method is a lot more effective than trying to hide it.Discreet shipping means that when the package arrives at your house it doesn’t really say you bought modafinil – so when your brother/mother/sister/wife etc. finds it they don’t know what it is.

Get Modafinil Into Australia – Step 3

The third thing is to be very aware of the customs rules and regulations. I have actually filtered through these and read them, as you can do too with a few decent searches on Google. It actually clearly states that customs are not allowed to hold up a package that is on an express delivery path. If it’s an overnight package or express delivery customs cannot legally hold it up! I have found that by always buying the fastest express delivery service, which does cost a little more but you also get full tracking; I have never-ever-EVER had a package opened and inspected.This is a pretty good track record for importing for close to a decade, and constantly importing literally hundreds and hundreds of pills, some actually outright illegal. On many online forums people complain they got a warning letter from Australian customs. This is simply because they aren’t implementing the right strategies when they buy their modafinil online.In summary, if you buy from this supplier, order the express shipping option which delivers to Australia in 7 days, you will get your modafinil quickly and easily and breeze through customs!

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