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Modalert is a generic of modafinil, a nootropic drug that is prescribed for the treatment of narcolepsy and possesses an ability to suppress the feeling of sleepiness and fatigue.


You can buy Modafinil under various trademarks, including Vigil, Probigil, Modiodal, Modasomil, Alertec and Modalert. If you compare these medicines’ prices, you will notice that it is possible to buy Modalert from India times cheaper.

Why is it possible to buy Modalert for cheap? The thing is that Modalert manufacturer is an Indian pharmaceutical company. Indian labor force is much cheaper than in Europe or USA, although in the meantime India has a highly developed substance and ready-made medicines’ manufacturing, so this is why you can buy Modalert from India for cheap.

For the whole world, India has become almost the main provider of generic drugs, some of which cost much cheaper than the brand name drugs. At present, this country manufactures a quarter of the global volume of generics.

Generics are medicines, which are released by a company that didn’t invest funds into the medicine’s development and trials. If the French pharmaceutical company Group Lafon, which has held modafinil patent for a long time, spent billions of dollars on its invention and trials, then the manufacturing of generics excludes such expenses. Manufacture of Modalert from India only required the ready-made modafinil formula, since the establishment of generic’s release is allowed only after the original medicine patent has expired. This is another reason for the opportunity to buy Modalert for cheapfrom India.

If you have to choose and not sure whether you should buy Modalert or Provigil online, just read a Modalert review and Provigil review and you will become convinced that the active component in both of these drugs is the same – modafinil. Buy you can buy Modalert from India at a much lower price, than you would buy Provigil. But even considering its low price, the effect of Modalert is analogous to that of Provigil.

Buy Modalert from India today for the most advantageous prices on the market! Compare prices and offers and choose the best offer on Modalert from India for cheap to save big on your purchase and get a high quality product.

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