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Modalert – high-level nootropic drug

Brand name: Modalert. Brand name of Modalert is manufactured by one of the largest Indian pharmaceutical companies named Sun Pharmaceuticals.


buy modalert online

International name of the active component in Modalert released by Sun Pharmaceuticals is modafinil.

Modafinil is released under various trademarks, along with Modalert from Sun Pharmaceuticals, including Alertec, Mentix, Vigicer, Modavigil, Modiodal, Vigil, Provigil, Modasomil, Sparlon, Modafil, Modalert, and other.

These medicines are modafinil generics, which you can buy in USA. There is also a possibility to ordercheap modalert at online pharmacies. All generics’ active component is modafinil, and Modalert’s active ingredient is modafinil as well. This is why Modalert has the same pharmacological action, as other, more expensive modafinil medicines, such as Alertec and Provigil.

Modalert usage indications include sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, hypersomnia, and sleep dysfunction, associated with shift work.

Modalert (Modafinil) is a narcoleptic, which means an effective nervous system stimulant. Modalert causes a tonic effect on human organism, promoting suppression of sleepiness and feeling of fatigue.

In other words, Modalert differs from more expensive modafinil brands only by release form and price. Thus, you can buy Modalert from India at much cheaper prices, than Provigil from the American manufacturer, Cephalon, or than buying Alertec in Canada from Shire.

You can find cheap Modalert from India at regular pharmacies. But, you would need to get patient, because large pharmacy networks are interested in selling more expensive medicines, because the income from costlier medication is higher. If you couldn’t buy Modalert from India at a pharmacy in your tow, you can always buy Modalert online.

Modalert medication is released in different dosages, which are indicated in milligrams on the proprietary package of the drug or blister with tablets (pills). Modalert (modafinil) is released in the following forms:


Modalert 100 mg tablets (active component – modafinil, 100 mg) – equivalent to the brands of Provigil and Alertec 100 mg;

Modalert 200 mg tablets (active component – modafinil, 200 mg) – equivalent to the brands of Provigil and Alertec 200 mg.

How much is Modalert online cheaper, than Provigil?

If you want to buy Modalert online or Provigil online, we recommend you to compare pricesonModalert and Provigil before you actually go and order Modalert or Provigil online. You will get convinced that it is much more economical to order Modalert online.

You can order cheap Modalert at an online pharmacy, because prices at online pharmacies are much lower, than at regular ones, as a rule. Moreover, online pharmacies provide opportunities to order Modalert with no prescription online. At a regular pharmacy, you can’t buy Moldalert with no prescription, because the pharmacist will certainly ask you to present your Modalert prescription.

You will have no issues, when decide to order Modalert with no prescription online. Before you buy Modalert with no prescription online, it is recommended to get acquainted with a Modalert review. Also, when ordering Modalert online, you can receive a free consultation from a pharmacist that works with the online pharmacy you deal with.

If you need to save on your treatment costs and you need to get modafinil, you will save big by buying Modalert online. Modalert is one of the cheapest modafinil medicines, while providing the same effect, as the most expensive modafinil brands. Learn more in this article!

Modalert is a medicine similar to nootropics by its pharmacological action. These are substances that can cause stimulating effect on human mental and physical functions.

Active component of Modalert drug is modafinil. Modalert (modafinil) helps overcoming paroxysms of sleepiness in narcolepsy patients and regulating sleep schedule in those, who suffer hypersomnia. Modalert is a narcoleptic. It can cause a toning effect on the organism, promote improvement of attention concentration, and extension of physical endurance and working efficiency. This is why people, not suffering from sleep disorders, want to buy Modalert, when the situation requires maximum strength consolidation. It is possible to buy Modalert, when it is necessary to work for 24 hours, without a rest pause, because Modalert suppresses the desire to fall asleep and drastically reduces the feeling of fatigue.


In USA and Europe, modafinil is already known for a long time under various brand names: Alertec, Mentix, Vigicer, Modavigil, Vigil, Modiodal, Provigil, Modasomil, Modafil, Sparlon, Modalert, and other. Modafinil medicine under the brand name of Provigil is manufactured by the largest American pharmaceutical company named Cephalon. It had the patent for manufacturing and distribution of modafinil for many years, but now the term of the patent’s validity has expired.

Modafinil is successfully manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies of the world for several years already. With the increase of competition, the pricing politics have changed as well. Today, you can buy Modafinil much cheaper, than previously.

Among Modafinil manufacturers, one of the leading positions is taken by an Indian company named Sun Pharmaceuticals. It is this company that releases modafinil under the trade name of Modalert. Modalert from Sun Pharmaceuticals is several times cheaper, than modafinil medicines released by other manufacturers.

How Real Is It to Buy Cheap Modalert ?

Below, we provide a table, in which you can make sure how much Modalert from Sun Pharmaceuticals is cheaper, than Provigil. For comparison, we took the average cost of Provigil online and compared it to Modalert prices in our online pharmacy. By collating the figures, you can make certain that it is truly possible to buy Modalertmuch cheaper than Provigil.

Description of Modalert medicine, manufactured and released by the Indian company, Sun Pharmaceuticals. Modafinil and its generics. How real is it to buy cheap Modalert .Comparison table of Provigil and Modalert prices.

Modafinil has become much more affordable, than previously. There are Modafinil generics, like Modalert that cost much cheaper than other modafinil drugs, such as Provigil. Check out this article to learn more.

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