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Nuvigil is a drug used to treat frequent sleepiness due to sleep disorders such as severe sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder. It is in a drug class called wakefulness-promoting agents, and it works by changing the chemicals in the brain that control sleepiness and wakefullness.Breaking stories buy adderall online daily. Generally it is taken in the morning after arising unless a patient does shift work on night shifts in which case they may take it an hour prior to going to work. Be certain to inform your physician of any and all other medications you are currently taking or planning to take including over the counter drugs or vitamin or herbal supplements, as many of these can interact with this drug.
Many women also do not know that this drug may also decrease the effects of any hormonal birth control methods such as the birth control pill, so another method of contraception should be used. This medication may be habit forming so do not take more than prescribed or for longer than prescribed. Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while taking this drug.
Be aware the Nuvigil will not cure your sleep disorder so you may have to continue to avoid activities that you previously avoided such as driving or operating heavy machinery. Continue to practice any recommended good sleeping habits while taking Nuvigil to ensure that you get as much rest as possible.Be certain to also report any side effects experienced to your physician. When used properly this medication can help change your life by helping you to remain alert and wakeful during times when your attention is needed the most. No longer do you have to overload yourself with coffee and major caffeine doses in order to stay awake.

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