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Why Provigil From India Is Awesome

Have you ever noticed how many Indian doctors there are? Ever wondered why? It’s because in India there are billions of people so to get a job is extremely hard. Almost all of them go through school, university plus get a masters. The talent pool in India is huge.
In India, there are more ‘talented kids’ than there ARE kids in America.
In India, it’s not just about education. The way their society works is that if you are richer and of a higher position you are much more respected and admired. This is true for everywhere but in many western countries there is a large feeling of equality. Most people are regarded as equal and respected no matter what they do.
Not in India, where if you are rich and the best then you are treated like a king, and if you are poor and the worst you are treated like dirt. This means that almost everyone is striving to be the best, to get a better education and get a better job. Indian students can study for 12 hours, 14 hours or 16 hours a day everyday for their whole 4 year degree.
They certainly ain’t going out and getting drunk at sorority parties.
This means that the quality of the professional that is working in the pharmaceutical lab is very high. The stringent controls of the India government mean that the pharmaceuticals must be perfect. The Indian government heavily regulates the quality of the pharmaceutical industry because it represents such a large amount of their gross domestic product. They know that if the world ever believes their pharmaceutical products are low quality then their country is screwed.
As such, the regulation around the production of pharmaceuticals in India is high. The laws and regulation around who they sell it to and why, including checking prescriptions, is not really regulated or enforced – which is good for consumers.
If you are purchasing drugs from India you can be assured it will be perfect quality plus you can probably purchase them without a prescription very easily.

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