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Provigil buying tips

Buying Provigil Online – How To Get It Cheaply And Easily

If you are looking for original Provigil online and want to buy it without a prescription then you must read this report. I reveal the truth about what’s going on.
No doubt you have found this page on a quest to purchase Provigil online. If that’s true, then you are in the right place. It can be really difficult to buy Provigil online so if you haven’t made your first purchase yet don’t worry, it’s not your fault. With the massive amount of mis-information out there its almost impossible to lock down a reliable supplier. But in this article we are going to take aim and clear the smoke regarding this, so read on.
You might have a prescription and be looking to buy Provigil cheaper online or you might not have a prescription and are trying to figure out how you can get it anyway. For both of these situations, let me tell you that you are going to get what you are looking for right here. I’ll show you how to make a quick order if you already have a prescription and also how to do an online consultation to get a prescription for Provigil online if you don’t have one.

Where Is An Authentic Provigil Online Pharmacy?

I don’t know how much research you have already done but one of your biggest questions is probably ‘Are sites selling authentic Provigil online?”. The answer is yes and no.
There is one site that will sell you authentic real Provigil. It is Cephalon. They are the makers of Provigil. The own Provigil. Cephalon has a monopoly on Provigil and that is why it costs so much in America. I have heard of patients being required to pay upwards of $15 a pill or over $450 a month just for their medication. This is ridiculous. These extremely expensive prices are exactly why everyone is going online to see how they can buy Provigil online for a cheaper price.
No other site will sell you real Provigil because Provigil is Cephalon’s brand name. Nobody else is allowed to sell it in the USA or UK. So please realise that when you buy Provigil online you will be buying an international brand name – it won’t be called Provigil it will be called a different name (but the active ingredient modafinil is exactly the same)
There are thousands of sites claiming to sell Provigil but this is impossible. It’s just not possible unless they are complete fakes or ripoffs. That’s because only Cephalon make the Provigil branded modafinil. So, get prepared to see different names of the drug and realise that as long as the active ingrediant is modafinil then you are getting exactly what you want (the same thing as Provigil)

Buy Provigil Online – Is It A SCAM Or Not?

The sad part is that there are many sites selling fake Provigil online. Because so many people are obsessed with getting the brand name Provigil, even though it is just modafinil anyway, they will go to extreme lengths to find it. Many scammers know this and will lie about having ‘authentic and real’ Provigil. Don’t be one of the people that fall into this trap.
99.99% of these are total scams. The thing is, as I’ve already explained, the only real authentic Provigil comes from Cephalon. And Cephalon don’t sell it via any other pharmacies or distributors online that serve people without a prescription.
If you have a completely legitimate prescription chances are you’d just easily go online to Cephalon and get your Provigil order filled. But you’d have to pay the extreme cost which is ridiculous and difficult for most to afford. Most people searching for Provigil online is because they want to get a significant discount by buying it online, or their prescription has run out and they want to get Provigil online without a prescription. Other times someone just wants to try it without consulting their doctor or its a friend looking for it too or some other reason.

Always Buy Provigil From Online Reputable Suppliers

This websites aim is to show you how to safely get Provigil online. We want to make sure that if you order Provigil, modafinil or any modafinil generics you get what you paid for and you get it safely and securely. 3 years ago we wanted to buy Provigil online for a cheaper price (my girlfriend needed it for shift-work sleep-disorder as a maternity nurse in the hospital on night shift) because the cost price to buy Modavigil (the brand name of Provigil in Australia) was so ridiculously high!
Since then we have found many reputable online suppliers that will sell all types of compilations of modafinil. None of these are ‘real’ Provigil but Provigil is simply modafinil. So generic modafinil is exactly the same thing. Actually, most of these brands are International brands of Provigil and the international brand names are just as effective as the real deal. Like I said, Modavigil is the brand name for Provigil in Australia, and there are many others such as:

  • In India there is no such thing as Provigil, Cephalon branded it as Modalert
  • India also has a second brand called Modapro, probably because they have so many billion people and the North and South use different languages and are pretty much different cultures
  • In Mexico and Spain Provigil is rebranded to Modiodal
  • In Australia and New Zealand Provigil is called Modivagil. No such thing as Provigil exists in Australia.
  • The only real mass produced generic compilation of modafinil is currently Spier Modafinil.

Let me remind you that all of these are modafinil. Modafinil is Provigil. Provigil is modafinil. It’s all the same thing. So when you are looking to buy online don’t get caught up on the name when you can save 80% of your costs by getting the same product from a different country. I’m sure your familiar with generics such as when the pharmacist asks you if you branded Tylenol or generic Tylenol… it’s the same thing.
To immediately see our page of all of the most reputable suppliers that you can purchase Provigil from online, including generic modafinil and brand name Modalert suppliers.
If you just want to read a little more and learn about buying Provigil online with no prescription, I recommend reading this article on How To Safely Buy Provigil Into America Legally.

How To Legally Buy Provigil

Wondering how to get Provigil? You can buy Provigil online legally to any country and save money easily. Read here to learn how now.

Is It Legal To Buy Provigil Online To America And The World?

You may or may not be wondering whether it is legal to buy Provigil online, especially if you live in a first world country like America, UK or Australia.  It can be done but there are some pitfalls to avoid, so read this report to learn everything you need to know.

You Could Order Provigil Online In 10 Minutes With The Correct Information…

In fact, if you have been searching and feeling a bit anxious about ordering online, that’s completely ok – it’s not your fault. With so much misinformation out there and dodgy suppliers on the net it’s hard for anyone to figure this stuff out.
So what we’re going to do here today is take aim at the incorrect information, and together we’ll clear the smoke screen over buying Provigil online.
Provigil is a prescription drug in America. Provigil consists of modafinil. Modafinil is the active drug component. Provigil is just brand name. Actually Provigil is only a brand name in the USA, UK and a couple other countries like Italy. Most countries have different brand names for modafinil such as Modalert, Modapro, Alertec etc. The brand name for Provigil in Australia in Modavigil.

Buying Provigil Is The Same Thing As Buying Modafinil!

This can all get a bit confusing, so the easy way out is that you want to buy modafinil. As long as the active ingrediant is modafinil you are getting the drug that is in Provigil.
Now the legality of these drugs, if they are legal or not, all depends on the country and the laws enforced. Most countries modafinil is scheduled which means that it requires a prescription. Scheduled is not controlled. Controlled means the drug is straight up illegal (like Ritalin, Adderal, Oxycontin, Morphine etc). Provigil is in a lower group that is less strict and the enforcement and penalties are extremely low.

It’s Not Illegal To Buy Provigil Online – It’s Totally Legal

It is completely legal to buy Provigil online if you buy it in a legal way. In 2012 Provigil’s copyright expired in America which means that any manufacturer can produce it. Now, generic compilations of modafinil are on the market, such as Spier Modafinil. These are just as effective as the brand name Provigil just like any of the other generics you might find at your local pharmacy.
Even before 2012 though Provigil was being sold in many countries under different brand names, all legally licenced from Cephalon. Such brand names were Modalert and Modapro and the manufacturers have established good supply channels around the world. Nowadays, these are the easiest versions of Provigil to buy.

How To Buy Provigil Online Legally The Easy Way

In order to legally purchase Provigil online you need to have a valid prescription for it. You can obtain these from you doctor upon diagnosis of an illness that Provigil helps with. Chances are you already have a prescription and are doing research how to buy online safely. If so, all you need to do is find a quality supplier (which we have done for you and listed on the Buy Provigil Now page)
If you do not have a prescription to buy Provigil you can still legally buy Provigil online with ease. All you have to do is get a prescription. Many pharmacies offer consultations with a general practitioner that is registered to prescribe medicines, and as long as your display symptoms of narcolepsy or excessive daytime sleepiness you will easily get a prescription.
This can be done over the phone or even online these days. With the advent of technology it is extremely easy to get all this done without a hassle. In fact, some pharmacies can give you the consultation and prescription and then issue you your medicine all from one website. And that’s what we are going to show you how to do now if this is what you want.

Buying Provigil Online Is Easy With These 3 Steps

If you are wondering how you can get Provigil online legally than all you need to know is this:

  1. Get a prescription from a reputable pharmacy that is able to issue you a prescription. For example, all of the pharmacies we recommend on the Buy Provigil Here page do this for you!
  2. Purchase Provigil from overseas. Modafinil is the active drug and generic compilations or different brands such as Modalert or Modapro are fine. The reason is that you can easily meet the legal requirements for purchase in other countries plus for your federal government to follow up on you is a lot harder because they have to communicate over international borders.
  3. Purchase Provigil online from a reputable supplier that will wrap and package your goods in airtight discreet packaging. This will ensure it breezes through customs and you won’t be contacted to provide your prescription. The suppliers we recommend do this for you.

Modavigil Modafinil as the modern answer in curing narcolepsy and daytime sleep disorder

We would like to offer you the article with the basic information about Modavigil. The information here is not exhaustive and is given to provide general survey on the drug. The comprehensive description is available in the leaflet and may be received from your doctor. Our online pharmacy enables you to order Modavigil easy and fast whenever you need it. 

Key medical states, cured by Modavigil

Modavigil is marketed as the remedy for people with extreme day sleepiness, caused by narcolepsy or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea/Hypopnoea Syndrome(OSAHS), or disorders of sleep schedule in people, working on shifts.Narcolepsy is a disease, which is expressed in the sudden, unexpected and uncontrollable urges to sleep during daytime, when it can be not desirable or even dangerous. The calls to sleep during normal waking hours for people, suffering from narcolepsy, cannot be predicted and brake the custom schedule of the day. Modavigil relieves these sleeping attacks and helps a patient to stay awake in a good state of mind and physical condition. For patients, suffering from OSAHS, the problem is that the daytime sleepiness may appear after having not enough sleep at night. In this respect, Modavigil is not the medicine for the illness, but the remedy for its symptoms. For people, working on shifts, Modavigil is a good help to be in working condition at night and perform the necessary operations successfully, when the organism normally should have a night rest.This preparation may be an auxiliary drug for combining with other medicines, used for your disease. Do not stop taking the other medicines, unless advised by your health care provider.You can order Modavigil at our online drugstore to get it as the main or auxiliary medicine for your particular medical condition.Although Modavigil is clinically tested and approved, the mechanism of drug’s action in the human body remains not fully investigated. It is well known, that it works in the brain. The difference of the drug from other medicines of the same category is that Modavigil only increases wakefulness, without overstimulating or resulting in “high” emotions. Any time when you need a remedy for narcolepsy or need to be in perfect working condition at the night shift, you are welcome to buy Modavigil at our online pharmacy.

What you should know before using Modavigil

Some conditions restrict the usage of the drug, namely:   – Allergy to Modavigil or any of its auxiliary ingredients (they are listed on the leaflet in the package of the drug). Some allergic reactions may be expressed by skin rash, itching, shortness of breath or swelling of the face, lips or tongue. Immediately call emergency if you have one or more such symptoms.   – Pregnancy or plans to become pregnantPrior taking Modavigil, consult your doctor if some of these points refer to you:   – You are under 18 or older 65   – Suffered from mental diseases   – Have heart disorders like angina (chest pain), previous heart attack, enlarged heart   – Have abnormal/irregular heart rhythm or high blood pressure or your high blood pressure is under control of preparation   – Suffer from kidney or liver disorders   – Are using one of the following drugs for the treatment of another disease or for another purpose: hormonal contraceptives, brain stimulants, such as methylphenidate; antidepressants; drugs to treat epilepsy or fits, such as phenytoin, carbamazepine and phenobarbitone; preparations for fungal infections, such as ketoconazole and itraconazole; sedatives; rifampicin; cyclosporine; propranolol, warfarin, theophylline or ANY other medicine, including over the counter drugs and herbal or food additives.   – Are planning pregnancy   – Are undergoing the course  of treatment for anxiety   – Are breastfeeding

Advice, concerning taking Modavigil

First you should bear in mind that the dose, the schedule and duration for using the preparation is defined by your health care provider. Strictly follow his prescription.Your dose is prescribed personally and will depend on your organism’s response.The schedule of taking the drug when curing narcolepsy or OSAHS presupposes that you will take Modavigil tablets in one or two turns – either once (the whole day dose) in the morning or in the morning and at midday (each time half a day’s dose respectively). Avoid taking the drug after midday, otherwise sleeping disorders may be observed.For shift workers, it is recommended to take one dose one hour before your working shift starts.The pills are swallowed with some water.In case you need to increase the dose, it should be increased gradually step by step. Special attention should be paid when you wish to start this drug and are currently using another medicine for narcolepsy. Follow your doctor’s advice.Do not take extra pill in order to catch up if you forgot to take the dose, follow your schedule and wait for the next time.Driving and controlling the machinery should be avoided before you understand your organism’s response to the drug. Oral contraceptives may prove to be inefficient when combined with Modavigil. Any other drugs can be combined with Modavigil only after your doctor approved it.After you have been prescribed this drug by your doctor, you can buy Modavigil fast and easy at our online pharmacy.

Side Effects, allergy and overdose with Modavigil

Side effects are the reaction of your organism to the drug. They may be different in different people. Some of them may pass after your body got used to Modavigil. In either case, consult your doctor if you observe some of the known side effects of the preparation:   – headache   – nausea   – diarrhoea   – dry mouth   – poor appetite   – runny nose   – sore throat   – nervous feeling   – dizziness   – back pain   – feeling anxious   – upset stomach   – trouble sleepingYou may have other symptoms, as every organism is unique and may have its own reaction to the medicine.Attention! If you feel a skin rash, hives, sores in your mouth, or your skin blisters and peels, or any sudden wheeziness, difficulty in breathing, swelling, rash or itching, call emergency right away. These may be the symptoms of allergy. Stop taking the drug immediately.Whatever happens, if you suspect overdose with Modavigil, immediately telephone emergency! Do this even when you do not feel uncomfortable or do not have any bad symptoms.Store the pills away from children, protected from moisture, heat and sunlight at room temperature.The course of treatment may last for certain period of time, buy Modavigil at our online drugstore any time you need to refill your medication.

Modalert solves the problem of narcolepsy

Modalert is licensed in the United States and the European Union for the treatment of narcolepsy – a pathological sleepiness. This pathology is expressed by different disorders in the brain activities during which a person can suddenly “flake out”, often doing responsible and dangerous work. For example, surgeons observe mixed effect. Studies have shown that psychostimulant Modalert increases the level of the surgeon’s concentration and attention, but it does not improve his ability to perform the operation.

Experiments with Modalert

“According to the results of our experiment, we believe that the drug may help tired doctors, making the perception of information more effective, intellective processes – more flexible, making it easy to make decisions under the pressure and stress” – said Dr Colin Sugden from the Imperial College of London. The uniqueness of Modalert is in the absence of side effects which are usually clearly expressed with the use of other “prescribed stimulants”. You can buy Modalert easily at the online pharmacy. The disputes whether you can trust the complex operations that require from tired doctors skills and quick reaction, have been going on for several years. Although it is fairly impossible to define exactly how lack of sleep affects the results of operations.The present study examined the efficacy of Modalert for surgeons during the lack of sleep. The study involved 39 physicians. During the sleepless duty half of them took Modalert and the rest took placebo. In the morning, all participants receive psychological tests, and performed the virtual operation on the simulator. In most tests administration of Modalert had no significant effect, but the improvement of the mental abilities was fixed: the number of errors in tests for short-term memory in patients receiving the drug decreased from 2.7 to 1.6. Scientists explain the observed effect as the influence of the drug on the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for the short-term memory and goal-oriented behavior.Those experiments were made on physicians but there are many other specialties that demand from people great consumption of force and time. If you want to make life easier for yourself, you can order Modalert at our online pharmacy.

Some Instructions on Using Modalert

Modalert indications

Modalert reduces sleepiness caused by narcolepsy and other sleep disorders such as difficult or irregular breathing during sleep (obstructive sleep apnea). Modalert also helps you to stay awake during working hours if your schedule interferes with normal sleep period. You can buy Modalert at our online pharmacy.
It is still unknown how Modalert increases wakefulness. Scientists believe that this preparation affects some chemicals in the brain that control our sleep and wake cycle. But Modalert should not be used as the treatment of tiredness or to remove sleep in people who don’t suffer from sleep disorders. It is not recommended to be used by children.

Some Important Instructions for Modalert

A patient should read the Medication Guide available at his physician and with the drug before he/she starts using Modalert. If you have any questions, contact your doctor. The patient should take a pill with or without food usually once a day or as it is prescribed by your doctor. If you are using this preparation for treating apnea you can continue to take your other current treatment, unless your doctor prohibits to do this.
The dosage of Modalert is based on your medical condition and can be defined only by your physician. If you want to get the most benefit from this medicine, you have to use it as it is prescribed. Addiction is rarely possible while using this medication. You should not increase the dose, use it longer than prescribed or take it more often. You have to inform your doctor, if your medical condition worsens or stays the same. After you got your doctor’s consent, you can buy Modalert easily at our online drug store.

Modalert and other drugs

Patients should inform their doctor if they are taking or planning to take any kinds of other drugs because of the possible interaction between Modalert and another drug.

Alcohol and Modalert

Patients should know that the use of Modalert in combination with alcohol has not been clinically studied. It is advised not to take Modalert together with alcohol.

Allergy to Modalert

Patients should stop taking Modalert and inform their physician if they observe:
– blisters
– mouth sores
– rash
– peeling skin
– trouble breathing or swallowing
This preparation is very popular nowadays and you can order Modalert fast and easy at our online med store.