How to eliminate all Provigil side effects and be superhuman

Would you like to guarantee that you never ever experience any bad side effects from taking Provigil? Provigil side effects can occur if you don’t read this valuable information on how to prevent them from ever occurring.

I'm superhuman with provigil

I’m superhuman with provigil

Provigil (Modafinil) is the wonder drug of the new-age. It makes you better, faster, stronger, smarter and enables you to do this for countless dozens of hours on end, with little or no sleep. It truly is the newest and best superhuman drug available, and everyone from billionaire company directors, to working professionals, teachers and even stay at home mums are using Provigil to get a tonne more out of life, whilst enjoying it more and being happier.

A very small amount of people can experience Modafinil side effects, but these are generally nominal side effects that aren’t bad at all. There are practically no real bad side effects with Provigil, and certainly none that will make you end up at the doctor or hospital with something wrong.

Most Common Provigil Side Effects

The most common side effects are tight neck or shoulders, headaches, jitteriness, and losing weight. I’ll cover why these happen and give you the answers you need so that you can guarantee that these side effects don’t happen to you so you can get the most enjoyment and results out of taking your Modafinil (Provigil).

Most of the side effects of Provigil are actually due to environmental issues and not really the Provigil itself, and I’ll explain this as you read this whole article. So feel reassured that there is nothing wrong with Provigil and you aren’t going to have any side effects, I promise!

Provigil Side Effect #1 – Neck And Shoulder Tension

Provigil is stimulating and many people can get tight shoulders, tight neck muscles or simple feel ‘tense’ when on it. Usually this depends on the person; tense people generally tighten up way too much. These side effects some people experience may not actually be from Provigil, it’s really just that Provigil is kind of ‘pushing them over the edge’… like the final straw on the camels back.

After I started to experience some neck tension and shoulder tension – which was creating headaches for me – I realised that it was simply because of the amount of work I was doing. I changed from being a bit of a slacker at work to absolutely rocking it.

Why Anyone Experiences Neck Tension On Provigil And How To Fix It

I used to work for an hour or two and then take a nice big break and talk rubbish with co-workers. Then I’d haphazardly get back into it until lunch or afternoon tea etc. I was always looking for a good excuse to get out of the work-pod and procrastinate.

But after Provigil, I would simply sit down and start working, and working, and working. And 8, or 10, or 12 hours later I would have completed more in 1 day than I would normally do in a whole week! It was fabulous, so of course I did it again, and again, and again – and I was really living the superhuman Provigil life.

Because of the massive time increase sitting at the desk, at the computer, reading and studying, writing and typing etc, and due to some poor posture and lack of stretching and breaks, I did lock up my upper back and neck. It was simply from sitting too much and nothing else.

Most people might record on a side effects response sheet they had tension in their neck or shoulders, but the Provigil didn’t cause that, it was simply that they changed their behaviour to working 10 hours a day and sitting at a computer, desk, or behind a steering wheel for massive hours.

Its really easy to fix this issue. You can simply use a clock, alarm, timer, or program to regularly remind you to take a little break. Jump up, stretch, walk for a minute or two, get moving, loosen yourself up and relax, and then you can jump back into it. You’ll find that even when you are stretching you can still easily solve problems and do work – your mind is turbo-charged remember – and you’ll never have any annoying side effects of neck tension, shoulder tension or headaches.

Provigil Side Effect #2 – Headaches

The worst time I experienced headaches was actually when my neck and shoulders were really tight from totally overworking sitting down at a desk and not moving or stretching. I find that you can always eliminate a headache with a 10 minute relaxing stretch. The only real reason I get headaches as a side effect when taking Provigil is when I sit at a desk and work for too long.

The only other reason some people can really get headaches with Provigil is from taking too high a dose. This is strong stuff, and it hits you like a freight train. If you take 200mg at 6am in the morning, seriously you’ll be at maximum capacity the whole day, whole night, and still at midnight or 1am you’ll be absolutely rocking it like its early-mid morning and you will feel great!

How to never ever eVER get a headache on Provigil

Pure stimulation, using your brain and body all day, taking practically no rest, and possibly sitting at a desk for WAY too long… that’s what combines to create headaches. You can simply and easily prevent any headaches by ensuring you keep up with basic things like.

  1. Drink a glass of water every 2 hours
  2. Stretch for 10 minutes every 2 hours
  3. Sit down or rest if required (once I played sport for 12 hours straight in the heat! Don’t do that without resting!)
  4. Take small ‘mental breaks’. If you have been working on something for 3-4 hours straight, just go outside and watch the clouds… or sit relaxed with your eyes closed and focus on your breath. Just relax the mind for 10 minutes to give it the reset it needs.

By following these basic tips – and making sure you do them by using an alarm clock, timer or just your iPhone – you’ll never ever get a headaches when taking Provigil. All you’ll get are all the great benefits with no side effects at all!

Provigil Side Effect #3 – Jitteriness

Some people can experience some jitteriness or fidgeting when on modafinil, similar to drinking way too much coffee. Even though the increase in dopamine usually smooths out muscle movement and makes your more relaxed, depending on the person this can differ.

The biggest culprit of these ‘over-stimulation’ issues such as twitching, fidgeting, low-level anxiety are from having too much adrenalin pumping through your system. You’re simply too hyped up and over-stimulated!

How To Make Sure You Never Get Jittery On Provigil

  1. Don’t drink coffee when taking Provigil. One stimulant is enough and Provigil is a superior choice.
  2. Limit your black tea and green tea consumption. Even though tea has l-theanine which relaxes the brain, the amounts of caffeine in them can still stack up and push your body a little too hard.
  3. Never drink energy drinks or similar ‘energy-shots’ when taking Provigil. It’s simply not needed and will just speed you up too much that you’ll be jittery and uncomfortable.
  4. Have something to do! If you don’t have anything to apply your massive increase alertness, energy and focus on of course you are going to feel uncomfortable.

I think of Provigil like a super-charged rocket launcher. I line up my target of things to do – a whole day of work, tasks, etc – and then in the morning I ‘fire it’ and take a Provigil and boom I just tear through the whole day. That’s how you’ll get the most out of your Provigil and eliminate and uncomfortable side effects.

Provigil Side Effect #4 – Losing Weight

For most people the weight loss benefits of Provigil are amazing. In fact, people actually take Provigil just to help them lose weight. So if you have a few pounds to lose, don’t worry about this. You’ll actually be healthier on Provigil than you are now!

But if you are like me and are trying to put ON weight (I know, crazy problem hey!) then rest assured I can share with you how to prevent Provigil from reducing too much.

Why You Lose Weight And How To Stop It – Only If You Want To Though!

The biggest time you’ll experience weight loss on Provigil is when you skip meals because you are busy or doing something. This is the biggest reason I found that I’d lose weight. Provigil does suppress your appetite, but if you force yourself you can still force yourself to eat. It’s just when you are working so much, doing so many fun things – like you might be out with friends, or playing sport – and you simply forget to eat because you are so busy having a great time.

You can easily dodge this problem by scheduling in your meals and pre-planning them. You might have to make them in advance, which is easy on Provigil because you’ll be pumping away heaps of action anyway. When the time comes, you just have to force yourself to stop and eat. By remembering and staying on top of the time you’ll be able to make sure you continue to eat enough feed during the day to prevent any weight loss.

So in summary, there are some side effects with Provigil but none are really that bad or will impact you. Like I said, you’re not going to end up in hospital with some big medical problem from taking Provigil, it just isn’t like that. If you follow the tips and guide I’ve provided for you here, you can absolutely eliminate any and all Provigil side effects and all you’ll get is the awesome, productivity increasing and effectiveness that a Provigil super-charged person gets. It’ll work perfectly, just as you want it to.

If you AREN’T taking Modafinil (Provigil) now, please feel free to read about how to legally get Provigil In America. And if you are taking Provigi or Modafiil  and want a much cheaper price on your meds, click here to check out the buy Provigil page where we have a list of the cheapest suppliers in the world.

3 thoughts on “How to eliminate all Provigil side effects and be superhuman

  1. David


    I have been taking Moda for long enough to know the difference. When you take it upon waking and have the headache or neck tension 30 minutes later and all you have done is the normal morning routine then IT IS THE MODA!

    Headaches can be from many different reasons. SOME possibilities are dehydration. If you take Moda regularly you are a performance athlete all day. You need to replenish the electrolytes! Drink some gatorade

    Muscles contract for many different reasons. Supplementing with Magnesium will usually help.

    Think of Moda as you “exercising” all day long. You need to do what well trained and highly functioning athletes do to recover. Starting with the two above (adding in a good multi vitamin and some Fish oil) should cover most of the problems as with most athletes.

    If you are STILL having problems LOOK AT WHAT ATHLETES USE to recover. You will find your answers there.

  2. Eli Rudd

    I have been suffering the depression for 30 years .
    For this I am taking Imipiramine 25 ( one in morning and one at night ) , Proranonol 10 ( one in the morning and one at night ) and Piracetam 800 ( one in the morning and one at night ) .
    I have heard that Provigil has some contradictions with Imipiramine and Proranonol .
    Is there any way to overcome this contradiction and enjoy the benefits of Provigil ?
    Will there be any anxiety , if I take Provigil 100 at morning or noon ?
    Needing and looking for your guidance and directions .
    With best regards

    1. jay will

      drug interactions are serious, do not take MODA if you have interactions. It can make your medicine less effective, and vise-versa. MODA will increase the likelihood of anxiety because it changes many the output of several neuroreceptors. My suggestion is to speak with the physician that prescribed you IMIP and PROR, because you want to make sure that if any serious anxiety or major side effects were to come on, that your doctor could advise you about. This drug isn’t a wonder drug as described above, it is to keep people awake. I would just stick to caffeine.


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