How To Legally Buy Provigil

Wondering how to get Provigil? You can buy Provigil online legally to any country and save money easily. Read here to learn how now.

Is It Legal To Buy Provigil Online To America And The World?

You may or may not be wondering whether it is legal to buy Provigil online, especially if you live in a first world country like America, UK or Australia.  It can be done but there are some pitfalls to avoid, so read this report to learn everything you need to know.

You Could Order Provigil Online In 10 Minutes With The Correct Information…

In fact, if you have been searching and feeling a bit anxious about ordering online, that’s completely ok – it’s not your fault. With so much misinformation out there and dodgy suppliers on the net it’s hard for anyone to figure this stuff out.
So what we’re going to do here today is take aim at the incorrect information, and together we’ll clear the smoke screen over buying Provigil online.
Provigil is a prescription drug in America. Provigil consists of modafinil. Modafinil is the active drug component. Provigil is just brand name. Actually Provigil is only a brand name in the USA, UK and a couple other countries like Italy. Most countries have different brand names for modafinil such as Modalert, Modapro, Alertec etc. The brand name for Provigil in Australia in Modavigil.

Buying Provigil Is The Same Thing As Buying Modafinil!

This can all get a bit confusing, so the easy way out is that you want to buy modafinil. As long as the active ingrediant is modafinil you are getting the drug that is in Provigil.
Now the legality of these drugs, if they are legal or not, all depends on the country and the laws enforced. Most countries modafinil is scheduled which means that it requires a prescription. Scheduled is not controlled. Controlled means the drug is straight up illegal (like Ritalin, Adderal, Oxycontin, Morphine etc). Provigil is in a lower group that is less strict and the enforcement and penalties are extremely low.

It’s Not Illegal To Buy Provigil Online – It’s Totally Legal

It is completely legal to buy Provigil online if you buy it in a legal way. In 2012 Provigil’s copyright expired in America which means that any manufacturer can produce it. Now, generic compilations of modafinil are on the market, such as Spier Modafinil. These are just as effective as the brand name Provigil just like any of the other generics you might find at your local pharmacy.
Even before 2012 though Provigil was being sold in many countries under different brand names, all legally licenced from Cephalon. Such brand names were Modalert and Modapro and the manufacturers have established good supply channels around the world. Nowadays, these are the easiest versions of Provigil to buy.

How To Buy Provigil Online Legally The Easy Way

In order to legally purchase Provigil online you need to have a valid prescription for it. You can obtain these from you doctor upon diagnosis of an illness that Provigil helps with. Chances are you already have a prescription and are doing research how to buy online safely. If so, all you need to do is find a quality supplier (which we have done for you and listed on the Buy Provigil Now page)
If you do not have a prescription to buy Provigil you can still legally buy Provigil online with ease. All you have to do is get a prescription. Many pharmacies offer consultations with a general practitioner that is registered to prescribe medicines, and as long as your display symptoms of narcolepsy or excessive daytime sleepiness you will easily get a prescription.
This can be done over the phone or even online these days. With the advent of technology it is extremely easy to get all this done without a hassle. In fact, some pharmacies can give you the consultation and prescription and then issue you your medicine all from one website. And that’s what we are going to show you how to do now if this is what you want.

Buying Provigil Online Is Easy With These 3 Steps

If you are wondering how you can get Provigil online legally than all you need to know is this:

  1. Get a prescription from a reputable pharmacy that is able to issue you a prescription. For example, all of the pharmacies we recommend on the Buy Provigil Here page do this for you!
  2. Purchase Provigil from overseas. Modafinil is the active drug and generic compilations or different brands such as Modalert or Modapro are fine. The reason is that you can easily meet the legal requirements for purchase in other countries plus for your federal government to follow up on you is a lot harder because they have to communicate over international borders.
  3. Purchase Provigil online from a reputable supplier that will wrap and package your goods in airtight discreet packaging. This will ensure it breezes through customs and you won’t be contacted to provide your prescription. The suppliers we recommend do this for you.

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