Looks like the parcel to Modafinil and examples delivered parcels

Modafinil parcels from modaifnilorder.com

Registered mail with Generic Provigil (Modalert) 120 pills

usps package modafinilorder


Photo Modalert (Modafinil) blister – 200mg tablets

generic provigil modalert


USPS trackings from Modafininilorder.cc/shop with delivered orders

tracking-usps-modafinil-28jan tracking-usps-modaifnil-1apr tracking-usps-modaifnil-8mar tracking-usps-modaifnil-17mar tracking-usps-modaifnil-24mar tracking-usps-modaifnil-26mar tracking-usps-modaifnil-28feb tracking-usps-modaifnil-31mar

1 thought on “Looks like the parcel to Modafinil and examples delivered parcels

  1. jonmarquez128

    I take modafinil regularly for my daytime sleeping disorder and recently found two ‘lost’ boxes of the stuff. the expiry day is 04/2014. as the drug is somewhat expensive I am contemplating taking these.

    Anybody out there know if the Modafinil expiry dates are worth following or not?
    What’s the worst that could happen if I take these expired pills?


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