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Erowid: Modafinil

Erowid Center is research center, which generally collects information about various legal and illegal drugs as well. So this article is about Erowid’s research of modafinil. Many people have left various reviews about Modafinil at the official Erowid’s website and a lot of them quite discrepant so we tried to collect the most trustworthy information and describe it here.

 Modafinil Erowid

    A few users write that they were experiencing unusual awareness, which was causeless and also jaw tension and light skin itching after taking Modafinil during their regular bedtime however they achieved the desirable effect. They didn’t feel tired and could perform the necessary actions whether it was to drive a car for a few hours at night or to finish a web-design over a night. They experienced the increase in concentration abilities and so-called creativity boom. Some users describe this effect, as fountain of new ideas that come one after another and all you need to do is just to write it all down. Many users also underline that Modafinil didn’t suppress their appetite unlike any amphetamine-based preparations. All users say that the drug didn’t affect their sleep at all. They could fall asleep whenever they needed to but it kept them awake during the time they were working on something. Some people put this drug in ridiculous testing conditions and still achieved the desirable results. We’d recommend not using it this way but it ensures once again Modafinil’s reliability, efficiency and overall safety. People were taking enormous doses of the drug, hadn’t have any sleep for a couple of days and still were not suffering from serious side effects of any kind. So, if you are going to use according to the instruction that comes with the drug there is no way you can get hurt because of it. We’d recommend you to consult your doctor or pharmacist before acquiring the drug. Ask them about your personal tolerance to drug’s components beforehand, this way you ensure that there is no way anything bad can happen to you if you’d take the drug. It’s very unlikely to happen but you can feel safer after it. You can find more specific and interesting information about Erowid’s Modafinil researches and tests on their official website. Most of them aren’t helpful because of observations are made in non-typical situations but you can get some additional information out if it.

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