Modafinil – everything you need to know

Modafinil! Heard people talking about it? Get the real scoop on what’s going on with this new drug. Screw Wikipedia and its boring technical talk, let us reveal to you the secrets of modafinil!

keep calm modafinilModafinil is a powerful wakefulness promoting agent, under a unique drug class called eugeroic. Modafinil is in a brand new class of stimulants used to treat narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness – which can be associated with other illness or caused by obstructive sleep apnoea – to treat sleep worker shift disorder, or even just to fix general fatigue and lethargy like many experience.

Modafinil is relatively non-addictive and non-dependence forming. It is classified as having a low potential for abuse which is why it is not a controlled substance. Modafinil does not provide a ‘high’ or ‘euphoria’ by itself and therefore isn’t used as a ‘party drug’ or like ‘speed’.

Why Modafinil is beating caffeine as the stimulant of choice

Since its inception under the brand name Provigil, modafinil has now become a generic drug and is widely available for low prices. Because of its effective stimulating properties it has gained a large user base that is forever increasing. Many say that modafinil is becoming the new caffeine and if purchases are any proof, it is.

Modafinil has a half-life of 12-18 hours. This means when you take 200mg of modafinil, 12-18 hours later there is half left, so there is 100mg left. This is an incredibly long half-life.

Caffeine’s half-life is 4-5 hours. So when you have an espresso it is pretty much used up after about 4 hours and you need another hit. With modafinil, you can take one dose in the morning and be right all day.

Imagine the total feeling of having energy, physical awakeness, mental ability, attention, memory and just all around feeling great. Now imagine having that from about 7am in the morning until 12pm, 11pm or even midnight that night. That’s what a 200mg pill of modafinil does for you.

Modafinil is the cheapest stimulant you can buy

You’d think there would be some kind of catch with the price, but there is not. A 200 pill of modafinil costs as low as $1.50, but you can expect to pay about $1.50 to $2 including shipping and taxes and stuff.

Now, when you only need one pill a day for the whole day, that’s $2 a day max. So how much is that coffee you buy every morning? Do you buy more than one coffee?

For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can have the ‘coffee stimulation’ for 16 hours. This is why everyone is switching to modafinil.

Is Modafinil legal? Honest legal information for you

Modafinil is legal in most countries if you have a prescription. The thing is, most people don’t have a prescription. So technically if you get caught with it you’ll get a slap on the hand.

You can go to your doctor and talk to him about getting a prescription, and many people do this. This is especially true for business and executive types that fly a lot and have big schedules – the doctor will understand you are fatigued often.

An alternative is to simply buy modafinil online without a prescription. You can do that from many different international online pharmacies. In fact this website lists many on the Buy Provigil Now page. One of the purposes of this website is to help people find safe and reputable suppliers they can buy modafinil from.

Is Modafinil safe? The truth about its safety

generic-provigil-modafinil-modalert    modalert-modafinil   shift_work_disorder_modafinil

Regarding modafinils safety – yes it is safe. It is less addictive than caffeine. Ever wondered why you drink so much coffee? It’s because it is actually very addictive. When you take modafinil you do not get this feeling to ‘take more’, and the next day you aren’t ‘compelled’ to take a modafinil. But I bet you in the morning you are compelled to have a coffee, because caffeine is addictive.

As I described above caffeine also has a short half-life, so you are compelled to get another hit when the high wears off. This is why many people drink so much coffee all day. When you take modafinil you will not get this ‘lull’ of energy – you will simply be brand spanking fine all day, all night, right up until you fall asleep.

Modafinil has practically no contraindications, except for the normal heart problem ones – as any stimulant would have because it can increase your heart rate. Of course any drug will cause problems in a very small majority of people, just like food (peanuts anyone?) and other allergies (allergic to bees). Just because one or two people have a severe reaction to something like peanuts doesn’t make peanuts unsafe. So if a few people have severe issues with modafinil, it’s still safe for the majority of people.

I for one have been taking it daily for years and I feel fricken amazing! I’ve never had one side effect or anything bad happen. The only real side effect of modafinil is that you feel absolutely great!

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