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Researchers from military departments already long years conduct search of agents for a stimulation of functions of a brain. Nancy Jo Wesensten from Uoltera Read Military scientific research institute is engaged in development of pharmacological preparations for rising a level of a wakefulness (so, and alertness) the soldiers compelled for a long time to do without of dream. In July, 1998 she has casually stopped at the stand of biotechnological company Cephalon and has got into conversation with its sales representative. At that time the firm just expected the sanction of Management under the control over quality food stuffs and medicines (FDA) the USA on clinical use of a preparation under international name Modafinil. Under patented name Provilig the agent is applied to treatment of a narcolepsy – a deep day time sleepiness from which suffer more than 125 thousand Americans. When it became clear, that Modafinil quite could find application in the USA army, firm Cephecon has given it for researches in the military purposes.

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The described events occured five years ago. In December, 1998 FDA has resolved sale Modafinil as agents for treatment of a narcolepsy, and today this preparation is annually made for the sum more than $200 one million. And it, in opinion of some experts, much more, than is necessary living in the USA narcolepsy. ” Psychiatrists in tons appoint to his patients for a raising of mood “, – speaks Helene Emsellem, heading Center on frustration of dream and a wakefulness in state Maryland. As a matter of fact, Modafinil has turned to an agent of a stimulation of cerebration, decrease of need for dream, treatments of depression, a multiple sclerosis and rising of serviceability.

But we shall return to researches Nancy Jo Wesensten. ” Especially us has interested, whether has Modafinil any advantages before a coffeine which, in our opinion, rather effectively counteracts negative influence of a sleeplessness, – she speaks. – Besides the preparation is accessible to wide layers of the population and almost has no side effects “. Wesensten has lead test for 50 volunteers remaining in an awake condition within 54 hours. Later after the beginning of experiment they received 40 hours placebo, 600 mg of a coffeine (a dose equivalent to six cups of strong coffee) or one three doses Modafinil (100, 200 or 400 mg) and then carried out a series of the tests intended for an estimation of cerebration and an expressiveness of side effects of preparations.

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In the highest doses (400 mg) Modafinil effectively took out weariness and restored cerebration. But precisely same action was rendered also with a coffeine. Side effects of Modafinil (as well as a coffeine) were very insignificant. ” I think, that there are no bases for use Modafinil instead of a coffeine, – speaks Emsellem. – On the action of substance almost do not differ “.


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Agents for rising serviceability of military men are intensively studied also by experts of the Air Forces the USA. According to the expert on frustration of dream John A. Caldwell, use of amphetamines in quality of ” pills of battle readiness ” for pilots was authorized even during the Second world war. In 1993 John A. Caldwell has established, that amphetamine almost completely restores serviceability of the pilots who were lead 40 hours without dream. Later the researcher has compared stimulating effects Modafinil and amphetamine and their influence on serviceability of the militarians, exposed to the compelled long sleeplessness. Modafinil effectively took out weariness and restored functions of a brain, but some examinees made sick. ” I think, that eventually Modafinil application will find and official approval on use will meet with as a medicine, – the scientist speaks. – But I do not think, that it will replace our tested ” a pill of battle readiness “. Amphetamine has passed set of bench tests and half-blepharons perfectly proves in fighting situations. And Modafinil meanwhile – a dark horse.

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