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The FDA has approved the use of Modafinil for treatment of narcoleptic disorder, but many are finding that it can be used to treat an assortment of other physical impairments. Although the drug can be obtained from a doctor, many buy Modafinil online due to the fact that it will only be prescribed to treat narcolepsy. These reasons for using the drug outside of the approved purpose by the FDA range vastly, so the drug has been made available to those that need it online. Keep reading to find out what the medicinal purposes of this drug are outside of the intended use.

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Many find the need to buy Modafinil online due to the ability for the drug to fight fatigue. Fatigue can hinder the productivity of a person throughout the day, and sometimes other drugs that would be prescribed simply do not fit the needs of the patients specifically. Some jobs require a considerable amount of constant work for long periods of time, which can lead to fatigue. For many, sleeping at these moments is not an option and they look to aid their performance impairment. Like other drugs, Modafinil can be used to fight depression and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as well.

Modafinil has also been used by some to fight the effects on the mind that come as a result of old age. These impairments and medical issues include Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems that come about from brain damage or accidents that leave them injured. Some find that other prescription treatments for these conditions leave them tired or fatigued after administration, and for this reason use the drug to combat it. Even cocaine addicts have been known to use Modafinil to ween themselves off of the dangers of illicit drug use of illegal substances.

There are also a considerable amount of clinical trials being done to study the validity of using Modafinil. Their efforts are to combat these medical issues outside of the FDA’s approval. This could take years for the drug to be deemed as an acceptable form of treatment for these conditions.

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  1. mat59oke

    I’ve read that while a prescription is needed to legally obtain modafinil in the States, it isn’t regulated some places overseas. Would it be legal to import modafinil? If so, what would the repercussions be? Difficulty?


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