Modafinil user experience

Hello guys. I want to tell you about my experience with drug-stimulator Modafinil (Modalert).

This text is not drug propaganda. It is about Modafinil and I wrote it because many people are interested in this.

I wanted to increase the producivity of the brain.

I’m a student and I need a high level of concentration and focus. In Europe every second student uses different stimulators and nootropics.

I was frustrated,upset with my last session’s marks and I decided to try a stimulator. My Portugese friend told me about Modafinil. At first I was scared, because I haven’t use it before, but I decided to try.

First day.

  • 7 30 am — I took my first 200mg
  • 7 40 am — nothing happened
  • 8 00 am — nothing happened

8 30 am — I realized that colours were brighter, I felt that it has started to work. All day (till 6 pm) I felt myself more concentrated without any discomfort and fell asleep at 12 am as usual.

Second day.

  • 7 30 am — i took 300mg, after 40-45 minutes it started to work.
  • 12 00 pm — I took 100mg more, I’ve been working till 10 00 pm and forgot about food. My day was so productive that there was no fatigue as usualy happens after 4-5 hours. I was so concentrated that nothing could destruct me. I felt myself more confident and I worked at this rate till 3 am, after this i fell asleep.

I passed my exam and i stopped taking Modafinil and i fell myself good without any problems with my health.

Finally, i want to say that Modafinil works good if you need fast results in short time. I’m happy with this result and sure you will be happy too.

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