Modafinil vs Caffeine

   Modafinil vs Caffeine – Drug Class

    Active component of Modalert is Modafinil. Modalert (modafinil) is known as a narcoleptic, which means that it fights sleep and fatigue. Caffeine is also a substance that can reduce the feeling of sleepiness. However, when comparing Modalert vs caffeine, it becomes obvious that the two preparations have a number of differences.

Modalert is a nootropic. Nootropics’ action is showed by the improvement of human mental and physical activity through affecting certain areas in the brain. Caffeine belongs to the nervous system stimulant class.


    Modafinil vs Caffeine – Usage Indications

There are differences in the direct usage indications of Modalert(Modafinil) vs Caffeine.

Modafinil usage indications:

  • Narcolepsy;
  • Hypersomnia;
  • Night apnea;

Sleep disorder related to shift work schedule.

Caffeine usage indications:

  • Central nervous system oppression;
  • Narcotic drug poisoning;
  • Cardiovascular system insufficiency.

As seen from the direct usage indications list, Modalert promotes resolution of the raised sleepiness issues. Modalert 100 mg removes feeling of sleepiness for 8 hours, and this is exactly the duration of one Modafinil dosage effect. Caffeine effect only continues for 2-3 hours, after which you need to take another dose of caffeine. Besides, the highest caffeine daily dose is 300 ml (3-5 cups of strong coffee).

Due to their invigorating features, modafinil and caffeine are employed by healthy people as stimulants for their mental and physical activity. For instance, caffeine is a principal component in energetic drinks. However, Modalert drug possesses a more evident invigorating effect. Thus, if your desire to sleep reduces after taking a cup of strong coffee, after taking a dose Modalert 100 mg sleepiness is removed.

With all that’s been said, Modafinil drug doesn’t only stimulate mental activity, but physical endurance as well. For example, during Modalert (Modafinil) trials in athletes, they could workout longer and more intensively after taking a Modalert dosage. Caffeine stimulates physical activity to a much lower extent.


Considering this, we can make a conclusion that comparing Modalert vs Caffeine as stimulants for mental and physical activity, Modalert displays higher results.

We are all used to drinking coffee, even knowing about its side effects. Modalert provides a better and healthier option to get one’s self invigorated.

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