Modalert usage contraindications

Before you buy Modalert in a regular pharmacy or buy Modalert online, you should make yourself familiar with the Modalert (Modafinil) drug info. The active ingredient of Modalert drug is modafinil. The medicine causes a strong energetic effect on the organism, fighting fatigue and sleepiness. Modalert (modafinil) is a medical drug, which also has usage contraindications.

Modalert Employment Contraindications:

  • Childhood and adolescence. Modalert is recommended for use only in adults;
  • Pregnancy and lactation. Since there is a possibility of Modalert drug to affect the development and organism of the baby, women are not recommended to take Modalert during the period of pregnancy;
  • Since Modalert (modafinil) can cause allergic reaction, it can’t be taken, if there’s an ascertained sensitiveness to the active component or subsidiary substances of Modalert tablets;
  • Modalert influences certain liver ferments. It is not advised to take Modalert drug in the time of liver cirrhosis;
  • Modalert is contraindicated for use in patients with mitral valve prolapse;
  • Don’t use Modalert if you suffer left ventricular hypertrophy;
  • Modalert employment contraindications also involve cardiovascular diseases in anamnesis, which includes the use of other stimulants;
  • Patients that suffer various phobias and manias are not recommended to take Modalert, because it can aggravate the clinical course.

You can get full Modalert drug info from your doctor. Also, you may receive a free pharmacist consultation in our online pharmacy upon ordering Modalert online.

Afraid that you might have some contraindications for Modalert use? Take a short look at this article to find out all the needed Modalert drug info and make sure that you can or can’t take it.

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