Modalert vs Modapro

It is problematic to compare Modalert vs. Modapro, because both medicines are generics of the same drug – Modafinil.


Modalert and Modapro both contain modafinil. Previously, the rights on modafinil manufacturing have belonged to only one company, which is Lafon Group. But now, modafinil patent’s term of action has expired and other pharmaceutical companies have obtained the right for its release. Currently, modafinil is sold under various brand names, such as Vigil, Provigil, Modiodal, Modasomil, Alertec, Modalert and Modapro.

Modalert vs. Modapro – Effect

Since the active component of both Modalert and Modapro is modafinil, both medicines are identical by their pharmacological action.

The direct indication for use of Modalert drug and Modapro is narcolepsy. However, it was revealed during clinical trials that modafinil acts like an energetic stimulant in healthy people, extending physical and mental durability. Modalert dosage and Modapro can remove the feeling of sleepiness and fatigue. After taking Modalert drug and Modapro, the patient feels cheerfulness and an increase in working efficiency for the course of 8 hours.


Modalert vs. Modapro – Different Manufacturers

Modalert is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company named Sun Pharmaceuticals, whereas Modapro is manufactured by Cipla.

India takes one of the leading positions in generics’ manufacturing. Pharmaceutical industry of this country develops very quickly. In 2008, India has entered the top 15 of

the largest medicine exporters in the world, with the share of 1.44%. According to the data of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a consulting company, by 2020 the volume of Indian pharmaceutical market will make 50 billion dollars, which will enter the top 10 of the largest medicine markets in the world. Thereby, manufacture of medicines in India costs much less, than in Europe or USA. Therefore, you can buy Modalert or Modapro at a much lower price, than you would buy Provigil.

Modafinil vs. Modapro can differ by package and tablet shape. However, there is no difference in the pharmacological action between Modafinil and Modapro. The difference in Modafinil vs. Modapro can appear only, if a dishonest seller sells a placebo instead of the medicine. We thoroughly look after the quality of medicines in our online pharmacy, so if you want to buy Modalert online, you will receive Modalert (modafinil) precisely.

Modafinil is available under a wide range of brand names, including Modalert and Modapro. Which one is better and more convenient for you in terms of quality vs. price? Learn more in our article here.

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