Modalert vs Provigil in 2016

Statement of Modalert vs Provigil question is not actually correct. The thing is that the active component of both Modalert and Provigil is modafinil. That is, both medicines are analogs by their essence.

Neurometabolic stimulator modafinil was developed in the 1970’s by a group of scientists, who were working for Lafon Group, a French pharmaceutical company. Modafinil researches have continued for about 20 years and after that it came in market. Modafinil was released on the European market in 1994 by Lafon Group. Modafinil quickly became popular and soon another pharmaceutical company – Cephalon – declared its desire to obtain the rights on the drug’s distribution. During negotiations, Lafon Group has made an agreement with Cephalon, which specified that Cephalon receives the rights on modafinil sale in USA territory under the brand name of Provigil. In 1998, FDA has approved Provigil as a medicine for the treatment of narcolepsy.

Several years later, the term of patent on monopolistic manufacturing of modafinil has expired. This was the reason for other pharmaceutical companies to receive an opportunity to sell modafinil, but under different trademarks. In this way, an Indian company started to release modafinil under the trade name of Modalert.

In the end, Modalert vs. Provigil cannot be contrasted by their pharmacological action, since both of them contain modafinil as active component. However, Modalert vs. Provigil has a number of other differences, such as price. While comparing buying Modalert vs. Provigil, you can notice that the Modalert price is times lower, than the price of Provigil.

Modalert is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company located in India. The cost of labor force in this country is much lower than in the USA. More than that, Cephalon has invested quite a lot of finances on the Provigil drug advertising and the expenses made for the publicity have to be considered when the price is being formed.

Modalert vs. Provigil can differ in the way they are released, that is by their appearance: the package, color, or shape of tablets. However, besides the price difference and appearance, Modalert vs. Provigil are virtually identical. Both of these medicines have modafinil as their active component.

Still don’t know what to prefer, when comparing Modalert vs. Provigil? Compare their prices and then think about your financial possibilities. Both are based on modafinil and the difference is mainly in the manufacturer and the price.

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