Provigil 200 mg

As you already might know Provigil

Is a drug aimed to help people to increase wakefulness and minimize the effects of such sleep disorders as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and other caused by working late night shifts.

provigil 200mg

Provigil comes in tablets of different doze. First of them contain 100mg only and aren’t that effective as the second kind however the chance to get any side effects is lower as well. The second type is Provigil 200mg which will give you much stronger effect however you risk to get some kind of side effect as well. Anyway, you don’t risk anything if you consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking the drug. Even if you are allergic to some components of the drug nothing really terrible will happen. Most side effects of Provigil and similar drugs are light headache, anxiety, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure and other effects of that kind. The same thing happens if you drink energy drinks while you aren’t supposed to, especially if you drink too much, right? So, ask yourself if you are risking that much taking that medication. Also you should think about the effects that you are expecting of taking the drug. To draw a conclusion you need to compare possibility of suffering from side effects of some kind against the deserved results. If deserved effects outweigh the shortcomings then keep on reading.

What you may expect

As patients during the clinical research and people who use (or used) the drug describe you may expect such effects as rapt attention to current activities, cheerfulness, central nervous system stimulation, wakefulness and similar effects.

provigil cephalon

Sure, you can try 100mg dosage but the effects you get will be weaker obviously or you can give Provigil 200mg a try and experience the full power and abilities of the medication. It’s two times better concentration, two times better control over your body while working night shifts, two times better performances. Double your chances for promotion due to your efficiency rates! You can react and act twice as fast, which means that none of your co-workers can perform, as good as you can. There is just no way your employer won’t notice how hard you work. It’s not a bad price for salary increase, right? Provigil 200 mg might be the key component that will help you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. Do not hesitate and start changing your life to better because you deserve it.

2 thoughts on “Provigil 200 mg

  1. maxpfeiler

    What medication is there when Providgil is totally ineffective at boosting energy levels?

  2. jhamiis

    Provigil is absorbed very quickly in the body, with peak concentrations of plasma at 2-4 hours after taking the medicine. Provigil’s bioavailability is about the same to of an aqueous suspension. Modafinil has a aqueous insolubility, therefore it precludes intravenous administration. Taking food with Provigil will not effect its bioavailability, but the absorption can be delayed by about an hour, if this medicine is taken with food.


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