Provigil dosage

These are some typical doses:

  • ADHD (unlabeled use): 100-300 mg/day
  • narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS): 200 mg/day to start and modified as needed. For these conditions, the patient takes the modafinil in the morning
  • shift work sleep disorder (SWSD): 200 mg taken an hour prior to start of work shift

Dosage is one of the most important points of any instruction because such the total effectiveness of the course depends on it. In case of overdose you may put your organism in danger and experience objectionable side effects. I think there is no point in retelling you the directions written in the instruction so in this article I’m going to give you information from costumers. What they say about Provigil dosage, what effects they feel when they take average 200mg dose and what are the differences in effectiveness in case of taking higher dose. All the information that is coming below is based on consumers’ feedback, comments, and reviews.

So, Modafinil dosage from consumers’ point of view:

Provigil Modafinil dosage

    It’s obvious that the effectiveness of the preparation depends on individual physical and psychological characteristic of each patient. According to statistics in over 70 percent of cases 200mg dose of Provigil once a day before the noon is normal and it’s enough to provide effect of feeling awake and full of energy. A very few people divide the average 200mg dose into several parts and take it during a day. As they say it helps them to achieve better results in their activities and feel better during the day. One of the consumers wrote that he was taking Provigil three times a day starting with 50mg at noon and another 25-50mg at 5-6pm. Some users under 200 pounds say that 100mg per day is enough to get the desirable effects.


I can conclude that you can figure out your optimal dosage by trying different doses rising or lowering it depending on actual feeling. If you’ll be able to figure out your personal optimal Provigil dosage then you’ll experience no problem sleeping or any other. Some people who are willing to buy Provigil and similar preparations think that it’s going to replace the fact of getting enough sleep, so I need to tell you in case if you also think so that it is not quite right. It’s not right at all. The preparation may help you to stay awake for some time but if you won’t be going to bed for a long time there is no drug that can provide you enough energy and help you to avoid all the side effects of such lifestyle. So, first of all you need to normalize your day regimen. If you do this and still feel that you need some extra energy source then you should consider possibility of acquiring Modafinil.



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  1. admin Post author

    Recommended dose is 200mg. If you take it at noon, you will probably be up until early next morning. 50-100mg is a good maintenance dose.

    Over 200mg not recommended.
    Some people do not like it with coffee – effects would be just couple of hours, you could try it. Coffee with 50mg is no problem.

    Most people would not want to do 400/600, I would not start there.
    Half life for 200+ is 12-15 hours.


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