2 Packages Modaifnil Seized?

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

One of my packages was seized recently at JFK; 100ct. I was super worried because I thought it was just held up because everyone on the modafinilcat sub was raving about how the shipments almost never get seized and \”its such a small probability its insignificant\”. All of that is a load of crap, I guarantee you they are starting to flag shit from India. With that said, I was super worried because I received my love letter from DHS AFTER I had already purchased a second order. So now I am extremely nervous because I have a possible second seizure in the pipeline and I dont know what the repercussions would be if they find a second one.My questions: 1)Has anyone had TWO moda packages seized by customs? If so, what happened? Just another love letter, or more serious?2)Anyone who has had ONE seized, what did you do? I want to get a reshipment of my first order, but Im afraid that 2 seized packages is the cutoff for the DEA to start fucking shit up. Did you reship? Refund? Ship to a different address? Skypax?If you have not had at least one package seized, please do not respond. Unless you work at customs, your opinion is useless on this matter and provides no data on which people in my scenario can use to make informed decisions about how to move forward.