Science supporting Modafinil & Modafinil for test prep.

Questions and AnswersScience supporting Modafinil & Modafinil for test prep.
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I recently had the distinction of taking a course with one of the most distinguished sleep researchers in the world. Interestingly, he took time covering the pharmacodynamics of Modafinil in one of his classes, as he was either directly or indirectly involved in a lot of studies about it as a remedy for narcolepsy. Armed with a bit more understanding of the drug than the layman and combined with the positive (professional) opinion of my professor, I began searching for the supporting scientific evidence out there on the drug. While nothing groundbreaking, it was interesting to read these journals. See here:
Now, given the vast amount of users report a positive experience in terms of “increased concentration” does anyone here have experience using the drug as a “study aid” in preparing for a standardized exam? I will be taking the MCAT in m id july (8h long test) and I was curious as to how prepping while on modafinil might go, and was looking for insights from anyone about it on here. Thanks!