Shall I Consume almonds or Modvigil drug for Memory Enhancement?

Very few will say no to almonds but this is a super nut or seeds any name you give to it. Since ages it is being treated as super food for brain and I am sure you must have ate these nuts soaked in water or drank almond milk for sure. Well this grandma’s brain power boosting nut has got scientific evidences that it is helpful in making one smarter. There are drugs such as nootropics available in the market and modvigil is one of them. However you can combine these two remedies to get extra ordinary results. Though with almonds you have to be very patient as they will take longer time than modvigil 200mg drug to give you desired outcome.Studies have shown that almonds are fortified with nutrients such as riboflavin and L-carnitine. These are known to boost brain functionality and also help in augmenting memory. The very same effect you can also get with nootropic drugs and that is why peoplebuy modvigil online. Like almonds you need to pop in a single pill once a day. And this drug by increasing blood provision to the brain helps in keeping it well supplied with oxygen and other nutrients too. Modafinil chemical content of modvigil also helps in growing new neurons. This is ultimately linked with memory enhancement.Almonds can be used to keep Alzheimer’s risk at bay. L-cartinine present in these yummy nuts help brain to absorb certain chemical which are susceptible for nerve cell degeneration. Apart from this, almonds also contain phenylalanine which is known to enhance mood and cognitive abilities. With modvigil 200mg tablets you also get similar effects and it is bit faster than this nutty treat. Phenylalanine when absorbed by the body starts producing dopamine and adrenaline chemicals. These two chemicals are known to improve memory and brain productivity and thus you will be able to stay alert. Modvigil also give you the best results. Now it’s up to you how you combine these nuts with this drug. 

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