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Modafinil in Russia

In Russia, there is no criminal responsibility for the use of drugs and substances, the circulation of which is restricted or prohibited. There is criminal responsibility for the sale, production, possession and transportation, but there is no criminal responsibility for drug use.

modafinil in russia

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The law makes no distinction for consumers: they have the right to use modafinil, or ethyl alcohol, or even gasoline intravenously. Everyone decides for himself what to do with his body. No one will go to jail for this.

But anyone who has decided to “help the brain work” with the help of banned substances must take into account all the peculiarities of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

What is modafinil?
Modafinil is a drug that is used to treat diseases associated with sleep disorders: for example, to treat drowsiness due to drug addiction.

In some countries, such as the United States and the EU, it is sold legally, with a doctor’s prescription. On the 18th of May 2012, it was put on the list of narcotic and psychotropic substances, the circulation of which is limited in Russia. The reason for the ban is that the effects of modafinil on the human brain have not been fully studied. Unstudied does not mean harmless. Almost all the drugs known to us were originally considered harmless drugs. Heroin, for example, was used to treat coughs, and cocaine was sold in pharmacies as an antidepressant.

Officially in our country modafinil is not approved for use. Doctors do not have the right to write a prescription for it, pharmacies can not sell it.

How to return drugs to the pharmacy
Responsibility before the law
The use of narcotic substances in the Russian Federation can be prescribed by a doctor. As a rule, strong painkillers related to narcotic drugs are prescribed to cancer patients.

There is no criminal responsibility for using narcotic and psychoactive substances without a prescription, only administrative responsibility. For those who use them without a prescription, Article 6.9 of the Administrative Code provides a fine of 4,000 to 5,000 rubles or administrative detention for up to fifteen days. The same sanction is stipulated for refusal to undergo a medical examination.

The fine can be avoided by voluntarily applying to a medical institution for treatment of drug addiction. Someone who voluntarily agrees to undergo social and medical rehabilitation will avoid both the arrest and the fine. To do this, you must come to the drug dispensary, go to the doctor and say: I have a drug addiction, and I want to be cured of it. The doctor will prescribe treatment.

But when you buy psychoactive substances, there will still be problems with the law. These substances don’t come out of thin air. If you want to use them, you have to buy them from someone. Liability for purchase is stipulated by Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Its sanctions depend on the weight of the seized substance and the purpose of the purchase. You can get a fine of 40 thousand rubles, or you can get imprisonment for up to 15 years. It all depends on the specific circumstances.

If you bought it for yourself, the punishment will be milder, but if you sell it to others, it will be stricter. The weight of the seized item will be taken into account: whether it falls under the major or especially major size. But whether it’s a narcotic substance or a stimulant that is on the list of prohibited substances will not play a role.

Even if you buy a single dose, you cannot be sure that the seller has weighed the product correctly. To give you an example: a large size for modafinil is anything over 5 grams. If you are confiscated 5.1 grams of it, you may be sentenced to three to ten years in prison and fined up to 500,000 rubles.

You can order modafinil by mail from the country where it is allowed. In this case, the seller will accept the payment and send the purchase, and then he will not bear any responsibility if the sale of modafinil is not prohibited in his country. But the person who receives the package in Russia will have to answer to the law.

Here is an example: the verdict of the Oktyabrsky District Court of Krasnoyarsk on May 20, 2013 in criminal case No. 1-317/2013. A man ordered a little more than 20 grams of modafinil abroad, went to the post office to receive the package – and he was detained. The court took into account that the substance was purchased for personal use, and the buyer pleaded guilty, and applied for a hearing of the criminal case in a special order – this is when the evidence is not examined at the trial and the punishment is assigned to a minimum. As a result, the man was fined. It is not known exactly how much, now these amounts are not published in the verdicts.

But what if you do it yourself?
You might be able to find a recipe for making modafinil online. But I don’t recommend making it yourself, either. The penalty for self-manufacturing such substances is stipulated by Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Even if you make such substances only for your own use, you could get four to eight years in prison. And that’s assuming that you make everything yourself in small quantities, don’t share the substances with anyone else, and don’t distribute anything.

What to do?
I want to read a book that is banned in Russia. What will I get for it?
But if the production is involved.

Buying modafinil online can be a nightmare

In fact, if you have been looking to buy modafinil online but just can’t quite figure out where is the best place to buy it or the best way to go about buying it online then don’t worry, it’s not your fault! It’s almost impossible for anyone to sift through the tonnes of mis-information garbage on the internet. So today we’re going to take aim at the culprit, and clear the fog once and for all.

How Much Does Modafinil Cost

If you are wondering how much does it cost? You can expect to pay about $2 per 200mg pill of modafinil, including all your shipping and taxes costs. The cheapest website on the internet actually sells it for $1 per pill using many cost reduction techniques, but I don’t have time to teach you them all now. If you are interested you can browse this site to find the article (it is shown below in ‘related articles’)

You can buy modafinil from any online chemist or online pharmacy but if these are locally run they will require that you provide your details and a valid prescription to make the order. This can be a bit of a problem if you haven’t had time to go to your doctor yet.

Who Can You Buy Modafinil Without A Prescription From?

The problem is that many of the online pharmacies that are advertising modafinil require that you provide a prescription. Some of them are nasty and will let you place an order, but won’t ship the order until you fax them the prescription. If you don’t have one, you can be in a pickle – especially when they say no refunds!

So you need to be very savvy when buying modafinil online. Yes there are several suppliers that will ship it without a prescription but these can be iffy and it’s sometimes hard to find quality reviews or information on them.

We much prefer to use the online pharmacies that actually issue you a prescription when you purchase the modafinil. This means you get a prescription and they keep it on file, dispatching your order because they have a prescription. These are the types of sites we now like to deal with and have gotten the best results.

All the sites we list on the Buy Provigil Now page will readily ship modafinil without a prescription. We don’t include any sites that require a script or RX for the order. You can order with a clear mind that you will readily receive your modafinil and you don’t need to get or send them a prescription.

Where Are The Best Places To Buy Modafinil Online

Ok, so of course you want to know where is the best place to buy modafinil online! So I’m going to tell you. Actually, it’s hard to just say ‘these guys are the best’ because there are so many different qualities to a supplier. That is why we have started to categorize online pharmacies by the different types of benefits they have.

Currently on the Buy Provigil Now Page we categorise by Safest Suppliers, which are our favourite suppliers that always work, Fastest Shipping, in case you really need an express shipping option and don’t want to wait, and Cheapest Suppliers, for those of you who just want the damn cheapest deal going!

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The Best Place Where To Buy Modafinil Online And Always Without A Prescription

The best pharmacy or best site to buy modafinil will always provide it without a prescription. Nobody wants to run the rigmarole of having to get a prescription, check it, fax it in, wait for the order etc. So all the pharmacies we deal with will readily accept orders without a prescription – which is just the way we like it! The fastest shipping supplier I just recommended has a process where you get a prescription for your modafinil as you are completing the order – it’s totally automatic and hassle free.

Anti snoring devices or effective Modafinil treatment?

How sleep apnea could be explained ideal? This kind of issues belongs to some quite common sleep illness team that is certainly characterised by simply possessing a very few pauses throughout breathing when someone is actually in bed or even from time to time simply have superficial breaths which may have got stopages included.

These kind of stopages may final from units for you to just a few seconds, and so they could occur up to thirty occasions the hrs, and usually the particular respiratory can continue by itself all over again, generally by using a noisy choking sound, which usually occasionally could be really frightening. This particular ailment is often ongoing as well as long-term that’s disrupting your own sleep, and likewise it leads to a very poor top quality sleep which also makes a new selection just one indicator of sleep sleep apnea that is the higher somnolence symptoms. Clients may not also know that they’ve this problem except they are being told through any person.
That’s why detructive sleep sleep apnea often should go without having checking out, as it can not be recognized in the course of sleep moment, also there isn’t any bloodstream checks that can detect this kind of affliction. A great deal associated with clients which can be struggling out of this problem usually are not conscious that they truly own it as it simply comes about if a man or woman is actually in bed, consequently normally someone from the loved ones or even a bed partner will certainly enable you to know that you’ve which affliction.
Obstructive sleep apnea is easily the most frequent scenario of apneas, also it transpires due to the impeded or narrow throat in the sleep, which could induce respiratory breaks or perhaps short breathing. Therefore if a person can be endeavoring to inhale mid-air in which squeezing from the actual clog, that creates a new heavy snoring audio. This specific sickness may be very popular in folks that are chubby, nevertheless it might take place for you to all people, not merely overweight individuals. Medicines just like Generic modafinil is usually given by health professionals to deal with this kind of situation, carry out ensure that you discuss to a physician if it happens.