The best anti-narcoleptic medication – Generic Modalert

Narcolepsy is a condition that affects a much larger number of people than the general public believes. For some reason, this condition is nowhere nearly as publicized and as discussed as some other conditions that are far less common and that have for another reason been selected to talked about and to have the awareness about them raised on every occasion. For instance, narcolepsy has the same prevalence in the general population as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease while it is more common than cystic fibrosis, a condition that is constantly being discussed.


Despite what many people believe, narcolepsy is not caused by any psychological problem nor is it a mental illness. It is, in fact, a neurological disorder which is caused by the inability of the brain to properly regulate sleeping cycles and patterns. There have been innumerable theories proposed as to what might be the cause of narcolepsy and even though most of them have been substantiated by some studies and findings, the exact reason and the mechanism which leads to the development of narcolepsy is still mainly unknown.

Narcolepsy is a condition that results in a number of symptoms, out of which the most pronounced is the daytime sleepiness which is caused both by the inability to get enough sleep during the night and also by the fact that narcolepsy disturbs proper sleep cycles. Some people experience other symptoms as well, such as cataplexy, which is perhaps the most notorious of the narcolepsy symptoms which is manifested as the loss of muscle tonus which can happen at any given moment and which can cause people to collapse and fall asleep. Some people even experience complete paralysis.

Over the years, we have seen many medications that have been either developed or appropriated for the treatment of narcolepsy and in most cases, these have been various stimulants, most famous of which are amphetamines. However, it needs to be said that amphetamines are in no way the best solution for narcolepsy or any other sleepiness promoting condition simply because they are majorly unsafe. They can cause a variety of side effects and they can lead to addiction, which is a much more serious issue. Namely, amphetamines and the vast majority (if not all) of the stimulant medications can cause psychological and physical dependency, which can lead to addiction if not addressed properly.

And then came Modalert, or more precisely modafinil as it is generically called. This drug was developed specifically for the treatment of narcolepsy and it was developed in France in the 1980s and 1990s, based on a previous, similar medication that did not show all the amazing properties that modafinil showed later. As years went by, more and more pharmaceutical companies from all over the world started manufacturing modafinil andModalert is a brand that comes from India, one of the first countries where modafinil started being manufactured when the patent expired.

Modalert is very specific because it is unlike amphetamines or any other stimulants in its pharmacological properties. It shares some of the properties with these drugs, but it works in other ways as well which contributes to its efficacy. It has been shown that Modalert is a much more successful wakefulness promoting drug than any of the drugs that have been introduced before it. In short, when we are talking efficacy, Modalert is the best anti-narcoleptic medication out there and that is the main reason so many people buy Modalert.

Another reason why people order Modalert is that it is extremely safe. There are some side effects that may occur in some people and it may not be suitable for some people, but when compared to other anti-narcoleptic medication and especially some of its predecessors, it becomes obvious that it is a much more suitable treatment for most people. For instance, it extremely rarely causes any severe side effects and its potential for causing addiction is non-existent.

Modalert is a medication that is not only used in treatment of narcolepsy although it is its primary use. It can be used in treating any condition that might involve excessive daytime sleepiness. There are quite a few of these conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder just to name a few. There is also primary excessive sleepiness which is caused by unknown causes. In any case, Modalert is the finest treatment that one can get for these conditions, once again because it is very safe and also because it is very efficient.

The effectiveness of Modalert in various cases has inspired some doctors and experts to try and find the use for this medication in other areas and not just in areas of medicine that have to do with narcolepsy and narcoleptic disorders. For instance, there are psychiatrists that have found it useful as an adjunct treatment in some depressive and anxiety disorder. There have also been some studies and some research done into whether Modalert can be used to help cognitive processes in people who were affected by chemotherapy while some experts are also investigating its use in weight loss. In general, Modalert has been found to be quite an exciting new medication that we have definitely not seen the best of yet. There have even been some investigations into whether Modalert could be used by perfectly healthy people to enhance their focus, their cognitive powers and their mental functions.

Modalert is truly the best anti-narcoleptic medication there is and you can order Modalert cheaply online. You can get it delivered to your address and you will be saving lot of money on bulk orders. It is important to have an online pharmacy that you can trust and that you know is reputable. If you are suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness or narcolepsy among other possible causes of excessive sleepiness, then by all means, buy Modalertand put an end to it.

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