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Top 10 Sleeping Disorders

A sleep disorder, or somnipathy, is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns of a person or animal. Some sleep disorders are serious enough to interfere with normal physical, mental and emotional functioning. Polysomnography is a test commonly ordered for some sleep disorders.

Sleep Disorders overview

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder associated with uncontrollable sleepiness and frequent daytime sleeping. Modapro is high quality antinarcoleptic drug.

Stanford school of medicine – What is Narcolepsy?

Shift Work Disorder – SWD is a medical condition that occurs when your work schedule is out of sync with your body’s internal sleep-wake clock. Because of this disruption to the body’s natural rhythm, people with SWD often struggle to stay awake during their waking hours or have trouble sleeping during their sleeping hours.

Best narcolepsy treatment with Modafinil

Although no cure yet exists for narcolepsy, a combination of treatments can help control your narcolepsy symptoms and enable you to enjoy many normal activities. The treatment that works best for you will vary according to your specific narcolepsy symptoms, but will likely include a combination of counseling, medication, and lifestyle changes.

Sleep Problems: Overview

Sleep disorders are problems with sleeping, including trouble falling or staying asleep, falling asleep at the wrong times, too much sleep, or abnormal behaviors during sleep.


Insomnia includes trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Episodes may come and go, last up to 3 weeks (be short-term), or be long-lasting (chronic).



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    In certain cases it might end up being the very first and also major result of the variety of sleep disorders, this kind of as narcolepsy sickness, change perform sleep problems, obstructive sleep apnea plus some other circumstances at the same time.


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