What is Generic Modafinil and where you can I buy this medication

Modalert is a brand of Modafinil that is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company called Sun Pharmaceuticals which is one of the biggest companies in India, which has become the third largest market for pharmaceuticals

The company started manufacturing Modalert some time age when the patent on Modafinil expired in India and when the pharmaceutical companies from this country became allowed to manufacture their brands of Modafinil.
Modalert is a drug that is used for treating various conditions that can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, known also as ES for short. It was first developed in France in the 80s and the 90s after the pharmacists that developed a previous similar drug realized that they can improve on their initial design and that they can come up with the ultimate narcolepsy treatment. The reason why they wanted to come up with a new narcolepsy drug was that the existing ones were too unsafe. Previously, the drugs that were commonly used to address the EDS caused by narcolepsy were mainly amphetamines and methamphetamines which are notorious for their addictiveness.
Modalert was first approved for use also in France and this happened in 1994 after their regulatory agency determined that it is a safe medication and that it is extremely effective in dealing with excessive sleepiness. The FDA gave its approval for Modafinil in 1998 and it has been available on the US market since, under the name Provigil. In 2002, the drug was also approved in the UK and over the years, it has become the most popular wakefulness promoting drug in the world. In fact, it even gave rise to the new class of drugs called eugeroics that are different than other psychostimulants and that have different chemical and pharmacological properties than those older drugs, making them both more effective and much safer.
To this day, the way in which Modalert works exactly has not yet been described. There are various ways in which this drug affects the levels of various neurotransmitters in the brain, contributing to the promotion of wakefulness. For instance, it increases the levels of dopamine and also histamine, which has been proposed as the most important aspect of the modalert’s mechanism of action. This elevation of histamine levels if the most pronounced effect of Modalert and the main difference between it and the older psychostimulants. This is also a very important mechanism of action as it does not promote dependency as some other mechanism of actions characteristic of older psychostimulants.
Modalert is the best treatment for narcolepsy, although it is not the cure. The cure for narcolepsy has not yet been developed and this condition cannot be effectively cured. However, the various symptoms of the condition can be mitigated or alleviated completely and the best way to alleviate daytime sleepiness is with Modalert. Daytime sleepiness in narcolepsy is caused by the fact that the sleep cycles in narcoleptics are disturbed and modified in a negative way. Because of this, people suffering from narcolepsy do not get sufficient healthy sleep during the night, which results in excessive daytime sleepiness.
EDS is, however, not the only symptom of narcolepsy and other pronounced and common ones include hypnagogic hallucinations (hallucinations that occur when the person is falling asleep), sleep paralysis (paralysis occurring when the person is falling asleep) and cataplexy (muscle weakness that occurs out of the sudden and that can cause various effects on the person suffering from narcolepsy). Most of these symptoms are alleviated by Modalert as most of them occur when the person is falling asleep during waking hours. Cataplexy is the only symptom of narcolepsy that is not mitigated with the use of Modalert and that needs to be treated in other ways, usually with tricyclic antidepressants.
Modalert is a prescription drug and it is a potent medication that never should be taken without discussing this with a doctor. The medical professionals are the only ones who can say for sure that Modalert is the best course of action in a given situation and who can determine that there is actually need for the person to start using this drug. Also, they can determine whether the patient can safely take this medication and whether their regimen needs to be customized in order to avoid certain unwanted effects.
Modalert is not only used in treatment of narcolepsy, though, and it can be used in some other cases. For example, people who are suffering from chronic sleep apnea also experience excessive daytime sleepiness in general, as well as people with something called shift work sleep disorder. There are additional conditions that may eventually result in excessive daytime sleepiness and whenever this is the case, Modalert can be used to help and to alleviate sleepiness. Some studies have also been done, determining whether Modalert can be used to help weight loss and whether it could be used by healthy individuals to enhance their cognitive functions and especially alertness.
Modalert is mainly available at online pharmacies in the US and in the west and if you have been prescribed with it and wish to buy Modalert, you can do so online. You do not need to worry about the quality of the drug as it is absolutely the same drug as Provigil that you can get at conventional pharmacies. The important difference is that the price is much lower for Modalert, which is one of the reasons why so many people these days orderorder Modalert online instead of buying Provigil.
If you wish to buy Modalert, the best way to go about this is doing this online and before you do this, you will need to find a reputable and trusted online pharmacy which is no longer a problem. Once you find such a pharmacy, you can safely order Modalert and have it delivered to your home address without ever having to leave your home, if you do not wish to.

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