Where to Get Modafinil – Bulletproof Readers Chime In

Earlier this week ABC World Newsdid a segment about how healthy people use Provigil as a biohack to increase productivity. I was one of the few willing to connect my name with their story.
Many people have asked where and how to get Provigil or Modafinil. It is usually available by prescription, with more details about that in the Provigil Q&A post. I sifted through comments on the posts on this topic in Facebook, Twitter, and the blog to find what resources you have recommended to each other.
Reader suggestions:

  1. Sun Pharma: which appears to be an Indian pharmaceutical company with no link for purchase.
  2. Gwren.net: the website in general appears to be a collection of data sources, their discussion of the grey market is at the bottom.
  3. The Modafinil Store: aptly named and to the point. Modafinal is the generic name for Provigil.
  4. My Modafinal: also aptly named and to the point.
  5. One reader suggested reading the DSM-IV before seeing a psychiatrist.
  6. A few others have said the Nuvigil is more expensive, more effective and less well studied.
    I’ve never used any of these methods, so I have no idea how reliable they are. I do not endorse these sites or have a business relationship. You should get a prescription from your doctor before getting any prescription drug… even though some of these sites may not require one.
    Whether or not you decide to use Provigil depends on what your goals are and risk tolerance is. As a biohacker my goal in everything is to hack the human experience so that I am getting the most out of life– in productivity, being fully present, and being able to step up to the plate every single time, without harming my longevity. Maintaining my hardware through a super-fine tuned diet is the first step. Other steps include optimizing performance through supplemental enhancement, sleep hygiene, managing stress, bio-feedback, training intelligenceand moving provide additional life enhancements.
    Everything you do is a trade-off. I believe that the trade-off for performance and quality of life versus potential but undefined risk for modafinil is well worth it for me. I work on the cutting edge of research and theory, some of the stuff I do is in the early stages of testing or is off-label use, and I’m confident in my research abilities to determine that it is safe enough to try it on myself and use what works. When it works for me, I share it. Everyone has a different risk tolerance, start small, when something works, try something else and go from there. The lowest risk, and first reward for many people is the Bulletproof diet.
    As a reminder, I am not a physician, I am a biohacker experimenting at my own risk. disclaimer
    What are some of the self-experiments that work for you? What are some of your favorite biohacks? How do you gauge risk-reward?

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